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Despite me slacking off on posting, GOSH we've done a lot of stuff! We've got our own channel now on the youtube: The Media Show, for your subscribing needs. :D

Full Episodes
Episode 1: The Pilot!
Episode 2: Real American Girls
Episode 3: Hot Gossip
Episode 4: YELL and SELL
Episode 5: My Hotness is Pastede On Yey!
Episode 6: The Flame Wars After-School Special
Episode 7: Cootie Catcher
Episode 8: Billboard Advertisers, Pay Us Whatcha Owe Us!
Episode 9: House Party! NEW STUFF!
Episode 10: TV Tropes NEW STUFF!

Working in Television
Product Placement
TV B Gone
What's "Fair Use?"
Tweet and Sour
Evil Interfaces

Snopes 1.0: Snopes before you send!
Auto-loading Sounds
Passive-Aggressive :) :) :)
Snopes 2.0: The Obama-ing
WOW less NOW!
Two Songs Don't Make a Right
Online Predators: Stacked Statistics
Greenwashing NEW STUFF!

Responses and Short Weeks
Response: Pilot
Response: Real American Girls
Response: Myspace and Snopes
Response: Photoshoppe, Stickers and Poster Boy!
Theme Song Pls?
Ads in Tests
Response: Mailbag, Pshop, Poster Boy
Introducing the Intern: Chainmail letters are dumb.
Jingles all the way: the Caber-ing

Bloopers Reel 0: Origin Stories
Bloopers Reel 1: Like a Dolphin
Weena Comes Out
Product Placemats
Dinner with the Media Show
Outtakes Ivy - It is possible that Gus cannot count.
Fast Forward Montage! - New Set Get! NEW STUFF!
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Meeeeeeeeerry Christmas, folks! I'm home. Got my feet up, doing absolutely nothing, and having a wonderful time. :)

I have two items of business: first is a NEW PUPPET EPISODE! All about Photoshop and its prevalence in...everything we look at ever. Yes, photoshopdisasters is referenced.

Second, DWAGGINS! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! <---CHRISTMAS DWAGGIN! A generous soul GIFTED it to me in a trade. :3 Christmas is awesome.

ETA: Guys we're watching old family videos, and there's one where Uncle George is MY AGE and it's hiLARious. He looks JUST like Napoleon Dynamite.
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It does help when the link is right.
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Weena Comes Out <---GUYS THIS ONE IS EPIC.

We ad-libbed the whole thing. >XD

(X-posted. For great victory.)

And now for updates on life in general.

My temp job is pretty awesome, and AT THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF THE DEAN I am applying for perm. >:D It will take a while to get processed, and then I get to have amazing NYU beaurocracy adventures, but I can also be my own inside man. Clever, no? Also: FREE CLASSES!!!

As awesome as all this is, it also means that I'm not getting unemployment anymore. And I haven't gotten paid for the temp stuff yet, so...yeah things are kinda Interesting in my bank account right now. And by "Interesting" I mean there isn't anything in there. Which is something I say fairly often, but rarely mean quite as truthfully as I do today. I am fully confident that this will change soon and it will all be sunshine and puppies, but until the puppies get here, I'm a little :| in the face.

Thanks to the generosity of others, having a wallet full of cartoon moths has not kept me from having some fun traveling around on little rp nerdcations to Philly and Norwitch. Both are just lovely with the change of the seasons. It's been a rather damp fall, but a little rain is a small thing to brave for the chance to get out of the city and under the trees.
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So the latest puppet shenanigans involve opera singing, Orangina furries, bemused construction workers, and a shoot spent laying comfortably in a graduate student's bed.

See the fruits of our labor here!

(Think of it as a birthday present!)
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So hi Internet. I'm going to rant now, about joblessness and being annoyed at my dad. But I'm going to include illustrative and appropriate icons, so hopefully it will be amusing.

You know it's gonna be a day when it wasn't even noon yet and already one icon was just not enough.

So my Mom calls this morning. )
I don't plan on moving home. I don't feel like I have to justify what I'm doing to him or to anyone, because it seems to me that it's pretty much self-evident. I can't change the fact that it costs vast amounts of money to go to school, to own a car, to eat for a year.
I have no doubts that if he is upset it is because he loves me, but in all honesty, if his conclusion is that I should give up these silly shenanigans and come home...well there are probably better ways to make that argument than getting mad at me for pursuing my future.

But under here we'll talk about nicer things. Including puppets! )

For now, you know what time it is.


Oct. 14th, 2008 03:11 pm
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The Gossip Girls episode is up! If you've got a comment, please leave it at the youtube site. Your thoughts on shows like Gossip Girls and other dramas and "reality" tv shows that cash in on the fantasy of affluence in America, as well as on the Parents Television Council and other organizations which seek to censor inappropriate content in tv, movies and videogames.

Many of you, like myself, have reached the age where we are well out of our highschool years when such censorship affects us most directly, but only beginning to consider parenthood and to realize just how much there is out there that we wouldn't necessarily want a child in our care to be exposed to or think is reasonable to accept and expect.

Share your thoughts!
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People! I bring to you a new (long!) episode and two smaller "webcam" asides, in my ongoing and improbable career as a rogue puppeteer. :D!

Because the transformation of Malibu Kendra did not break my tiny mind enough, for Episode Four I got to sit down with Gus and photoshop boobs onto my puppet. The episode is not quiiite nsfw, as she is fuzzy so nothing's showing anyway, but mature themes are definitely discussed.

Response to the Pilot Episode:
Ahahaha, oh man you can see my hand. I promise we will be less ghetto someday. IT ADDS A CERTAIN RUSTIC CHARM OKAY!

Help Them Make A Theme Song!
It's the Media Show, it's the Media Show! What's it all about (heck) we don't know!

I invite and encourage you guys to respond to the videos in the comments on YouTube. Comment! Ask questions! Mock my insane, fuzzy puppet! We will respond to your responses! AMAZING! All the stuff that's up is up here:
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Episode TWO of our ahahahaha-holy-crap PUPPET SHOW! This one is all about the American Girl dolls, and features the previously-mentioned MALIBU KENDRA.

You know you want to click this.
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Dear Diary,

Yesterday I turned Malibu Ken in to Malibu Kendra so that I could talk briefly on my puppet show about transgendered girls as a demographic neglected by the American Girl company.

WITH PICTURES! )Yyyyeah my Dad might want to skip the third episode of this show. >__>

IN OTHER NEWS, as I was sitting there re-pinning Erna's shirt, a gentleman came over to say hi to Gus and myself (this is Gus everyone. And yes, that's her on the set of Sesame Street arguing with OSCAR THE GROUCH about her posture. This is why she is glorious at puppety things and in general and also why I am completely jealous of her life. Here she is more recently with Weena. Gus is awesome.) and ANYWAY I turn back to my pinning without realizing that it's me he's talking to because he is inviting to come in for an interview because this is the guy to whom I sent my resume for a possible graphic design job at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. So I turn several shades of red and attempt to save the situation through silly-charming rather than the cool-charming that I would so much rather have done. I think it worked anyway. ^__^;
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Also, Changeling is awesome and I need a character that is more active and hardcore. (She's getting there.) ALSO I am totally psyched for Mage tomorrow. :B

ALSO, having to do more with the real world, new applications are in to Columbia, so...pray to your dieties and burn your incenses in my name, please. o__o
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Dear Diary,

Today I nearly got banned from the Time Warner building for trying to shoot a puppet show while scooting down a hallway on my back with my hand inside what looks and feels like a small wookie while two impressionable young French foreign exchange students filmed me.

My life is so friggin awesome. XD

No, seriously!

Columbia University's Teacher's College has a department called that does syndicated programming via Youtube for and about students and educators. A particularly awesome upcoming show features two highschool-aged puppets who have RUN AWAY FROM SCHOOL to hide out in an advertising studio and do webcasts about the why's and how's of advertising that targets young demographics. One of those puppets is named Erna and she uses me to get around. And yes, I'm the one going "I'M NAKED!" at the end there. AS IF YOU HAD ANY DOUBT! (She has clothes now.)

We should finish shooting the first actual episode tomorrow. I'll keep you all posted.


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