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Hello! Well, I finally have stuff to talk about other than random sleep-deprived rantings.

First, visits!
One of my imaginary internet friends [ profile] doroc_sabah is visiting from Scotland. I'm very glad that the hot weather has broken, as the past few days have been perfect for wandering around the city. We've seen the Met, of course, and the Natural History Museum, watched the Hulk, wandered around Central Park, and spent time with [ profile] mephron, Normie whose LJ I don't know, [ profile] deconcentrate, [ profile] rscott, [ profile] maastrictian, [ profile] kleenestar, [ profile] immaculatepizza, [ profile] isaaceverett, [ profile] widdershawns and various others who are sans journals. This has been a lot of fun, not only because I get to meet a smart, funny young man in the flesh, but it has given me the opportunity to look at my city and my friends through fresh eyes. I heart NY. Happily, thus far, Bob does too, if his frequent exclamations of "I love it here!" are any indication. You're welcome any time, Bobo. ;)

And then, job.
Arg employment arg. As nice as it has been having months of just larking about as I please, rent, bills, loans, eating foods, capitalist society, reality, etc, etc, you know the drill. At the moment I am gainfully unemployed, however, and was bemused to learn that I get more weekly income from unemployment than Blair gets working at Border's. (Poor Blair. :/) Also, the uncertain future is terrible for my already terrible sleep habits.

The AWESOME news is that I've just gotten a call to interview at Columbia University, which would be IDEAL. It would be a return to ye olde secrettarieye nonsense, but this time with tuition reimbursement. Ho yez.

Finally, the future!
Next week I'll be in Columbus for Origins, so if any of you people happen to ALSO be going (or just live there, [ profile] envinoveritas and [ profile] thursdaystgiles) pipe up and we can meet up. I won't have a cent, but screw it, I'll have fun.

And then at the end of July I'll be back in Maryland for Elisa's wedding. Woo! I have a feeling I'll be Greyhounding or taking the Chinatown Express for that one. Oh cheap and sketchy transit options, how many years has it been? Too few? Yes yes.
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I love this clip on so many levels!

Oh man. I miss the halcyon days of Sesame Street... These days it's just not the same.
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Eddie Izzard standup tour: Stripped

A ticket. I has it.
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Lawdy what a day. Work was heck, it just wouldn't quit being Monday. Between phone and coworkers, there was just nothing easy from start to finish. Then things got interesting, as [ profile] onlystraw had a half hour layover which turned into five hours when his bus was too full. So we stashed his stuff in my office, he went off to play in FAO Shwartz and Central Park, and then we went for deeelicious steak with [ profile] mephron. Ohhh love me some red meat. Tired and content, we saw each other off at about 10:15.

You'd think that'd be the end of the day, but then this is me, and this is New York City. Interesting was only starting.

I must have had my "talk to me" vibes on high, because I'd barely found a spot to wait for the train before a man standing next to me started a conversation. He was perhaps half a foot taller than I was, with coarse black skin, crooked teath and a ready smile. He'd left his wallet at home and was going back to get it, apparently, and had a duffel bag with him, and an odd coat of rough fabric dyed red in places and sewn with cowrie shells. We did not exchange names.

I will admit that big black men do make me nervous, slightly moreso than any other large strange man, and I was worried that at some point he was going to ask me for a date or my number, but apparently he just wanted to tell me about the fights he was in. He told me that he was in Last One Standing - a competition where men from America and England fight tribesmen and warriors from cultures all over the world. The one that survives the longest gets a large cash prize - which was the man's goal. He'd survived three fights so far, so he was guaranteed some prize money, but of course the big bucks are for the winner. I am a good, responsive listener, and he was certainly very animated and proud of his fights thus far, so it was extremely surreal but fairly pleasant. I heard about his fight with a Jamaican swordsman (Jamaican fighters can choose from a pile of a lot of different weapons - the man himself went for some hatchets), his fight with a very tall Indian (a wrestler who used a technique he described as being like a gorilla) and his greatest battle thus far: a Zulu warrior (who was surprisingly short but extremely fierce - he was certain that one was ready to kill him rather than lose).

I have no blessed clue if these stories are true or not - if he really is on Last One Standing, it's the coming season, as he's not on the site, but if it was a lie, it was a very involved and well-fabricated one. Regardless, I wish the man well.

Aaand now my computer is just up and shutting down out of nowhere. I've got a feeling it's a battery issue, as it doesn't seem to be charging properly. Nooot sure though.



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