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So i'm updating this from my phone because my computer is suddenly unable to load...just about anything useful. Chrome is dead, Gmail is unreachable in any browser, as is any site I have to log into, and even my chat client is a no-go. I suspect it may be AVG, and am uninstalling it and its pervasive linkscan stuff to see if that helps.

Anyone got a good, free antivirus to recommend?

ETA: Well, that wasn't it. I can still access everything normally on my phone... Is this some kind of virus? What the hell, even?
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My perfectly-legitimate Photoshop CS4 just told me that its license is expired.

My precious.

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Okay, editing away tmi info.

Today sucks, basically. No one is being mean to me, no one is at fault here, it's just a lot of things not going right all at once money-, job-, and health-wise.
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That went about as badly as it could possibly have gone, save for Slarti.

Slarti is like internet Batman. No matter what's going wrong, he's got a plan, and has probably already fixed it.

Me, today I'm internet Croc.

ETA: Guys it was an internets editing glitch, accidentally created and easily fixed (if you have access to Slarti). I am not in lingering distress or anything.

To top it all off, I got something on my shirt and didn't notice it (cleverly hiding on the other side of a boob as it was) and have been walking around like a moron like this.

Yeah, I'm ready for today to be over.
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Let me show you them.

So over on Scans Daily, someone posts us some Wolverine First Class. Go have a look, it's a nice little story.

Read it? Great. So at first I go "Hey, slick art there kids!" Then I reach the fourth page and just start getting mad. )

So the point is...shenanigans. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE A COMIC MAYBE YOU SHOULD DRAW IT MORE. The end.
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Harry Potter, all grown up and in the Nexus.

You know, I almost replied. Almost. And then I remembered the vast and undulating sea of what the hell that this fandom has brought to the Nexus and I did a quick background check. There isn't much, mind, since the journal and profile are empty, but the icons tell a tale that I really don't want to have any part of.

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Dear Russia,

[ profile] thoughtcontrast
[ profile] bernita_weiss
[ profile] theodorlaurich (this seems to be some random band?)

Also apparently America? wtfgwenstafani.
[ profile] bunnypic (text is nsfw)


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