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So sometimes I talk about my friend Jess, aka [ profile] kleenestar. My friend Jess is one person that I definitely like to make sure my visitors from the internet meet while they're in NYC (and if possible rp with, because the games she and [ profile] maastrictian run are the sort of good that has to be experienced to be understood) because she is extremely awesome. As part of her ongoing PhD-dom at Columbia University, Jess has put together a survey that is specifically for fans and fandom. I have given her some input during the development process, and I think you all are not only the perfect subject pool, but will find the survey thought-provoking as well.

So if you've got 15 minutes to spare to talk about the things that bring you geeky glee, please click on through!
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Haiku2 for snapples_apples
sofie thinks that people
only argue religion
when they are both bears
Created by Grahame
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Another chatlog?! Yes. It was a busy night. Neener. >:3

IC log of two characters from the Ars game, utterly independent of previous post. May be moved elsewhere...probably won't be.

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Another chatlog of my intrepid Ars Magica character interacting with the nexus. One of the GMs expressed a great deal of glee at the last one, so Jess, this is for you. Good thing you read fast, 'cause there were LOTS more characters in the chat this time. SPARTANs and unicorns and magicing yourself unconscious, oh my!


ALSO there is this new Lowe's commercial that is FULL OF GIANT GRIZZLY BEAR, because reality loves me. :D
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Chatlog of afternoon silliness. Take one Ars Magica pnp character and stick her in a bar in a multiverse. Add a White Wolf were hyena, Jonathan Crane from DC comics, and a high-fantasy adapted Will Scarlett (who may not have anything to do with Robin Hood, I don't know much about the character), and let's see what happens:

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[ profile] rscott: And you should have already gotten an email about Dante's plumbingbuddy1, because I posted a comment to your journal as you asked me to.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Oh!
[ profile] snapples_apples: Well my bad then
[ profile] rscott: I like acronyms.
[ profile] rscott: Public Bottom
[ profile] rscott: Perfunctory Beating
[ profile] snapples_apples: Aww, he's cute.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Perspiring Battledore
[ profile] rscott: Planetary Balding
[ profile] snapples_apples: Prescription Beatings
[ profile] snapples_apples: Prehensile Blunderbuss
[ profile] rscott: I had to look up Battledore
[ profile] snapples_apples: LOL I figured
[ profile] rscott: I hate you.
[ profile] rscott: Pubic Brush
[ profile] snapples_apples: I remember it from some...cartoon. They go "applecore, nevermore, what's the score"
[ profile] snapples_apples: Damn what was that cartoon.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Anyway, battledore was one of the words and I liked it, as a girl.
[ profile] rscott: ah. You are a dork.
[ profile] snapples_apples: I am. I'm a born fangirl.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Damn this is going to bother me. I think it was some really old Disney cartoon.
[ profile] rscott: Obvious to everyone.
[ profile] rscott: Google seems to imply that it may have been a donald duck and chip n' dale toon.
[ profile] snapples_apples: When your mom has to make up fanfic about the Superfriends to entertain you while you're being potty-trained...yeah, there's your sign
[ profile] snapples_apples: Yes!
[ profile] snapples_apples: Yes.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Yes yes
[ profile] rscott: Google wins again.
[ profile] snapples_apples: It went "Applecore, nevermore, who's your friend, ME!" and then they'd hit him in the face with an apple.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Man. Twenty year old memories.

1 For those of you who, like Rob, are not l33t, we're talking about PBs, aka "Played By"s, or "If I were going to make this into a film, this is the person I would cast to play my character."
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A collection of reference materials for the Ars game I'm playing with my pals in NYC.

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