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So the general theme of existence right now is that a boy is a lovely thing to have, and so is sleep. Ironically enough I sleep better with Sean in my life, but I've lost the ability to sleep the entired blessed day long on Saturday, so I'm not sure how things are evening out overall. He has a CAR, people! This means that we can go on amazing nerd vacations to nearby metropolii on weekends and thus I am slowly meeting everyone in the Cam. However, our tendency to travel to games that end at midnight on Saturday, with a certain redhaired liturgical rockstar who has work to do on Sunday mornings is starting to take more of a toll than the Jersey Turnpike. Oh yeah. Topical humor.

Now for cuts, to save your flists.

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Tonight's lesson:

Having a shiny new boyfriend will NOT prevent you from vicious bouts of insomnia if you start thinking about credit cards at 3am.

So noted, brain. So noted.

Work is filling up my days rather nicely. I do better when I have a reason to wake up and get out and know whether it's Wednesday or Friday. I'm probably going to be a temp at this company forever - [ profile] widdershawns was, and it means they don't have to bother with things like giving me benefits or paid time off or similar inconveniences. After all that time unemployed, I don't care.

The people at the office are nice enough, if EXTREMELY "old New York". There's a callous-fondness that native New Yorkers speak with that really is unlike anything you get anywhere else. A kind of lilting "My God, I couldn't believe the train this morning, I was on the platform for must've been half an hour because some whacko jumped on the tracks probably, what's wrong with these morons they can't find a bridge or something like normal people" which inspires a mix of "Jesus yes I know exactly what that feels like" and "I cannot beLIEVE he just said that" in the listener. Equal parts appalled and amused, all you can do is laugh.

The company is not a nice one on a corporate level, when it comes to giving two tugs about its employees, and it's rife with gossip and infighting on a local level, but my God I don't have to pretend to actually care about what goes on there when I go home at the end of the day, so bless their little black hearts as long as I get paid on Friday.
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Guess who gets to start getting ready for work at 6:30 this morning? ME! Hooray!

Guess who is still awake at 4:15? AHAHAHAHA. (Seriously, if any of you are surprised, get out.)

Starbucks, people. No one is allowed to complain about its globe-spanning stranglehold on the pretentious coffee market in my presence ever. It's a stranglehold that gives me mocha frappuchinos that are dependable no matter what corner of said globe I'm in, and at least pretends really hard to have a conscience, and that is good enough.

I'll almost certainly tell you all about the job when I'm actually at it. And thus...know things about it. For now, the pertinent info is that it is a temp thing at NYU's Stern School of Business, and involves the reception desk at the Undergrad Dean's office. I shall be a pro-tem cat-herder.
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More with the not sleeping. Part of it is that I'd be waking up at 5am anyway, which my brain interprets as "There is no point in even attempting this." The rest of it is that I'm not allowed to be asleep when I could be on

I might actually call the Navy Reserve. They're recruiting photojournalists and admin assistants.
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I need to make a Z? tag, clearly. There, done. This whole "tagging" business is strange and confusing to me.

ANYWAY so yes I have moved on from simple insomnia to weird bouts of waking up at 4:30 am all riled up for whatever reason. At least this resulted in two useful hours of inking, which is good. I was going to not ink this comic, maybe, just do it in touched up pencils as in Lackadaisy (only not cats of course), but...yeah. The inking stage is clearly important because it allows me to fix the gross errors. Grooooss errors. That and my scanner isn't that great anyway so the sketches come out either too light or dingy or both. As you may have noticed.

There is a big fancy thing also, but I'm still fiddling with it. I believe my lack of sleep is due in equal parts to 1) zonking out at 11 after merriment at the pub, and 2) being worked up about going to oHIo this weekend for a potentially lifestyle-changing meeting. And I mean financial lifestyle, you sickos. GET OFF MY SERIES OF TUBES!

Look, if you want coherent thought processes you should know better than to come here.

Iiiin other news... I had a great New Year! Mostly due to having better friends than one could reasonably hope for. Nobilis is the best rpg ever. That is all.


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