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So my hard dive is dead. This means I'll be getting online....sortof whenever I can, but not reliably until next week at the earliest.


On the plus side, the new job is pretty nice so far!


Jul. 1st, 2009 12:47 pm
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My friend Katie was like "Oh, well I'm having to leave my part-time thing early to go work for FDNY, want me to give them your resume?" and I was like "HECK YES" and she was like "I did and they're going to call you" and I was like "AWESOME" and then they did and I was all rocking the phone interview, and then they wanted me to come in today and the guy I met with was super chill and they're like "next Tuesday?" and I went "ABSOLUTELY!"

And then I got a celebratory frapp. THE END.

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  • 09:52 Sooo guess who didn't get any sleep last night. =_= Signs that I am officially freaking out about being sans income. #
  • 10:49 Temp agency just called. Another long-term nyu job to interview for this week. Whew. ...and now I finally feel sleepy. #
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So yes, I lost my job. Only it wasn't really my job, because I was a temp, and I didn't so much lose it as the parent company of the NY office neglected to tell anyone except the temp agency that I wasn't supposed to come in anymore, so it was a surprise for everyone involved, really.

So if anyone's got any job leads, huck 'em my way. Until then, NEW PUPPETS.
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  • 10:22 Sooo I just got told that my last day temping here will be the 29th. So that's interesting. #
  • 11:54 Hahahaha! Oh but apparently MY last day was to be the 15th! Jesus wept, this company. #
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So the general theme of existence right now is that a boy is a lovely thing to have, and so is sleep. Ironically enough I sleep better with Sean in my life, but I've lost the ability to sleep the entired blessed day long on Saturday, so I'm not sure how things are evening out overall. He has a CAR, people! This means that we can go on amazing nerd vacations to nearby metropolii on weekends and thus I am slowly meeting everyone in the Cam. However, our tendency to travel to games that end at midnight on Saturday, with a certain redhaired liturgical rockstar who has work to do on Sunday mornings is starting to take more of a toll than the Jersey Turnpike. Oh yeah. Topical humor.

Now for cuts, to save your flists.

Some stuff about books. )

A work rant. )
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Tonight's lesson:

Having a shiny new boyfriend will NOT prevent you from vicious bouts of insomnia if you start thinking about credit cards at 3am.

So noted, brain. So noted.

Work is filling up my days rather nicely. I do better when I have a reason to wake up and get out and know whether it's Wednesday or Friday. I'm probably going to be a temp at this company forever - [ profile] widdershawns was, and it means they don't have to bother with things like giving me benefits or paid time off or similar inconveniences. After all that time unemployed, I don't care.

The people at the office are nice enough, if EXTREMELY "old New York". There's a callous-fondness that native New Yorkers speak with that really is unlike anything you get anywhere else. A kind of lilting "My God, I couldn't believe the train this morning, I was on the platform for must've been half an hour because some whacko jumped on the tracks probably, what's wrong with these morons they can't find a bridge or something like normal people" which inspires a mix of "Jesus yes I know exactly what that feels like" and "I cannot beLIEVE he just said that" in the listener. Equal parts appalled and amused, all you can do is laugh.

The company is not a nice one on a corporate level, when it comes to giving two tugs about its employees, and it's rife with gossip and infighting on a local level, but my God I don't have to pretend to actually care about what goes on there when I go home at the end of the day, so bless their little black hearts as long as I get paid on Friday.

Well Fuck.

Dec. 5th, 2008 11:34 am
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They've hired someone else to take this position. Today's my last day. Boss was nice about it, but it still sucks. I'm not really in the mood to go over this ad nauseum right now, nor do I think it would be helpful. Just wanted to say something here so that I don't have to repeat it five zillion times.

Comments disabled because I'm going to deal with this by not lingering over it. Have a drink for me tonight, everyone, and that'll be enough.
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Weena Comes Out <---GUYS THIS ONE IS EPIC.

We ad-libbed the whole thing. >XD

(X-posted. For great victory.)

And now for updates on life in general.

My temp job is pretty awesome, and AT THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF THE DEAN I am applying for perm. >:D It will take a while to get processed, and then I get to have amazing NYU beaurocracy adventures, but I can also be my own inside man. Clever, no? Also: FREE CLASSES!!!

As awesome as all this is, it also means that I'm not getting unemployment anymore. And I haven't gotten paid for the temp stuff yet, so...yeah things are kinda Interesting in my bank account right now. And by "Interesting" I mean there isn't anything in there. Which is something I say fairly often, but rarely mean quite as truthfully as I do today. I am fully confident that this will change soon and it will all be sunshine and puppies, but until the puppies get here, I'm a little :| in the face.

Thanks to the generosity of others, having a wallet full of cartoon moths has not kept me from having some fun traveling around on little rp nerdcations to Philly and Norwitch. Both are just lovely with the change of the seasons. It's been a rather damp fall, but a little rain is a small thing to brave for the chance to get out of the city and under the trees.
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So you know I've got a job again when I start posting about coffee at 9 am.

BUT WAIT YOU GUYS THIS IS IMPORTANT. I have found my frappuchino killer. Yes yes, I know I've got a picture of one in my icon, but SCREW STARBUCKS, y'all find yourself a Moxa. The mocha frappe is just ridiculous. It's got that sortof "aztec" flavor to the chocolate - chocolate with a kiss of cinnamon. Let me tell you, each sip is more delightful than the last. I have been experiencing a continuous journey of unfolding delight all morning. And, AND they have good ham and cheese croissants for three bucks. Heartbreaking mocha and a ham and cheese croissant?

Best. Friday. Ever.

And later I get to go to Changeling! :D
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Undaunted by the GLARING LACK of "I Voted!" stickers in NYC, I have fashioned my own sticker out of an Avery Easy Peel label and some crayola markers. Be jealous.

Also, please note that the office I am currently in stocks crayola markers. Classic colors. Both the washable and "oh well, it was time to repaint that wall anyway" varieties. Desk jobs in universities are clearly better than desk jobs in places that are not universities.
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Ahaha, a pun.

Well, it's almost certainly bad juju to be blogging on day one of new (temp?) job, but I haven't been given any official business and lord knows it's way MORE awkward to be sitting here doing nothing and doodling my cat. Protip: write your entries in Word or Notepad until you're ready to post. Slightly less incriminating.

On the plus side, they have Firefox on these computers!

I'll be here for at least three weeks while they interview for a permanent person. There is of course the chance that I could be that person, but for now I'm playing it by ear. It's a pretty hip, young office, the Undergrad Dean's, and the NYU neighborhood is fun. I would feel better if my delicious coffee beverage had not dripped onto my sweater this morning, but surely my bright and engaging smile will be distraction enough from a small stain. Ah well, I'll make sure to be extra fabulous tomorrow.

I'm totally having sushi for lunch, guys. Right now.

I also need to check on just when my polling office opens, as I'll have to scoot in before work tomorrow. I anticipate having plenty of time, especially now that I know how to get to the office and will (hopefully) not be wandering in circles around Noho as I did this morning. Tomorrow evening we're gathering at Locus Apthorp to eat brownies and watch the election, on the theory that group support/celebration is the best plan.
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Guess who gets to start getting ready for work at 6:30 this morning? ME! Hooray!

Guess who is still awake at 4:15? AHAHAHAHA. (Seriously, if any of you are surprised, get out.)

Starbucks, people. No one is allowed to complain about its globe-spanning stranglehold on the pretentious coffee market in my presence ever. It's a stranglehold that gives me mocha frappuchinos that are dependable no matter what corner of said globe I'm in, and at least pretends really hard to have a conscience, and that is good enough.

I'll almost certainly tell you all about the job when I'm actually at it. And thus...know things about it. For now, the pertinent info is that it is a temp thing at NYU's Stern School of Business, and involves the reception desk at the Undergrad Dean's office. I shall be a pro-tem cat-herder.
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More with the not sleeping. Part of it is that I'd be waking up at 5am anyway, which my brain interprets as "There is no point in even attempting this." The rest of it is that I'm not allowed to be asleep when I could be on

I might actually call the Navy Reserve. They're recruiting photojournalists and admin assistants.
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So hi Internet. I'm going to rant now, about joblessness and being annoyed at my dad. But I'm going to include illustrative and appropriate icons, so hopefully it will be amusing.

You know it's gonna be a day when it wasn't even noon yet and already one icon was just not enough.

So my Mom calls this morning. )
I don't plan on moving home. I don't feel like I have to justify what I'm doing to him or to anyone, because it seems to me that it's pretty much self-evident. I can't change the fact that it costs vast amounts of money to go to school, to own a car, to eat for a year.
I have no doubts that if he is upset it is because he loves me, but in all honesty, if his conclusion is that I should give up these silly shenanigans and come home...well there are probably better ways to make that argument than getting mad at me for pursuing my future.

But under here we'll talk about nicer things. Including puppets! )

For now, you know what time it is.
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Some shenanigans happened, but instead of writing about them, I did this:


Back to the temp agency tomorrow we go!
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[Error: unknown template video]

The "making of" video is funny, too.

Yesterday's interview did not go poorly, but was also not worth singing accolades about. Then, last night, I looked at my bank account, got depressed, and listed a whole bunch of old books (mostly graphic novels at this point) for sale on Puffy Kitty Books is open for business! (This is why I should not name things when my cat is curled up on my foot.) I'll sift through my paperbacks and old school books presently, though I'm pretty sure there isn't going to be much in the way of profit from 10 year old copies of Dragons of Autumn Twilight and the Dover Thrift edition of Candide. (I kid, I'm keeping both. As I Lay Dying, though, give me a penny and I'll stick a stamp on it.)

But today is free entry day at the MoMA and there's a Dali exhibit up, so Blair and I are going to go steep our destitute derrières in culture and absurdism.
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It's 9 am and I am only just now going to bed. This is because I had to wait until 8:30 to call folks about medical bills and I am frankly shocked that I got any sleep at all this weekend with those hanging over my head. (I employed a Useful Device to trick and soothe my brain: I literally put "Worry About Bills" on my Googlecalendar so that I could tell my brain that it did not have to worry because the internet would worry for me.)

In any case, I can now categorically say that health insurance is the best thing ever, because that's another $1335.00 that BlueCross BlueShield made go away, thank God and all His little angels.

You know you're a grownup when "Okay, you can disregard that bill" is the sweetest poetry to your ears.

Let's see. In other news, I have done two new arts, one and two, inspired by the EXTREMELY AWESOME NOBILIS LARP from Origins. (Some Many of you have seen these already. Look again, the first one's been updated!) And they are quite good arts, sir! Quite good and I do say so myself and just because I always say that doesn't mean it's not particularly true this time. There will be more, oh yes, because I am not only going to Con on the Cob in October (somehow) but [ profile] ninjahijinx and I are sharing a table in the Artitorium. Aaaa. Three months to make a portfolio that random people will care about, GO!

Speaking of money, I am still waiting to hear back from Columbia re: an office job I applied for. Bah office job, but YAY free schooling, so here's hoping my oh-so-polite thank you note will pound the nail into the proverbial coffin. The coffin of gainful employment. Yes. I also applied for a gig at United Media as a comic strip editor. An editor for the Sunday funnies! I believe the term for such a position would be "super awesome". I'll keep you posted.

And now to sleep, perchance to dream of Changeling characters. :3


Jun. 21st, 2008 09:29 pm
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Well, [ profile] doroc_sabah is off and away, I have had a nap, and now I'm hungry. So is mah kitteh who is chilling with me on my couch here. Bein' puffy. That is the current state of affairs in my little pocket of the universe, and I thought you all should know. These are facts!

Journal re-design and re-naming. I think I like this one.

In wider news, I will not say that my interview yesterday went stunningly well, in that they did not fall to their knees and welcome me with great praise, but I am cautiously optimistic nonetheless. I should hear back in a week or so, which is just enough time to go to Origins, huzzah.
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Hello! Well, I finally have stuff to talk about other than random sleep-deprived rantings.

First, visits!
One of my imaginary internet friends [ profile] doroc_sabah is visiting from Scotland. I'm very glad that the hot weather has broken, as the past few days have been perfect for wandering around the city. We've seen the Met, of course, and the Natural History Museum, watched the Hulk, wandered around Central Park, and spent time with [ profile] mephron, Normie whose LJ I don't know, [ profile] deconcentrate, [ profile] rscott, [ profile] maastrictian, [ profile] kleenestar, [ profile] immaculatepizza, [ profile] isaaceverett, [ profile] widdershawns and various others who are sans journals. This has been a lot of fun, not only because I get to meet a smart, funny young man in the flesh, but it has given me the opportunity to look at my city and my friends through fresh eyes. I heart NY. Happily, thus far, Bob does too, if his frequent exclamations of "I love it here!" are any indication. You're welcome any time, Bobo. ;)

And then, job.
Arg employment arg. As nice as it has been having months of just larking about as I please, rent, bills, loans, eating foods, capitalist society, reality, etc, etc, you know the drill. At the moment I am gainfully unemployed, however, and was bemused to learn that I get more weekly income from unemployment than Blair gets working at Border's. (Poor Blair. :/) Also, the uncertain future is terrible for my already terrible sleep habits.

The AWESOME news is that I've just gotten a call to interview at Columbia University, which would be IDEAL. It would be a return to ye olde secrettarieye nonsense, but this time with tuition reimbursement. Ho yez.

Finally, the future!
Next week I'll be in Columbus for Origins, so if any of you people happen to ALSO be going (or just live there, [ profile] envinoveritas and [ profile] thursdaystgiles) pipe up and we can meet up. I won't have a cent, but screw it, I'll have fun.

And then at the end of July I'll be back in Maryland for Elisa's wedding. Woo! I have a feeling I'll be Greyhounding or taking the Chinatown Express for that one. Oh cheap and sketchy transit options, how many years has it been? Too few? Yes yes.


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