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Ooo too early in the AM. It's 5:30 and I've been awake for an hour and a half already. We were supposed to fly back to NY from Columbus last evening, but due to some EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE thunderstorms that have been lingering about, our flight was canceled.

Oh, right. I've been at Origins the past couple of days. It's been a total blast! The con's highs have been many and rewarding: on the rp side, I got to take a major role in the Nobilis larp, more or less junior GM, and heavens that was a successful game. Twenty players plus three extras, an hour of prep, and then from 9 until midnight it was in-character all the way, and the quality of acting, storytelling and improvisation was fantastic. I also participated in a Changeling larp (new edition) which was interesting. Certainly more stilted than the Nobilis game, it was still a darn good time, though I certainly might be biased by being awarded this book for my rp. Mwaha!

On a personal side, I met scads of wonderful people. [ profile] rscott had befriended a local group of like-minded geeks last year, and they were kind enough to pick us up from the airport and put some of our group up at their home. It seemed that I wasn't going to be hanging out with them much, as I was staying with [ profile] kleenestar and [ profile] maastrictian (THANK YOU THANK YOU), but got to know them better during our unexpectedly extended stay last night. This, I consider to be a great bonus, as they are long-time Changeling fans (old edition) and just generally delightful. Also there was a cherubic monkey of a 2-year old girl. Not yet talking quite, but certainly a lot of fun.

And, of course, I got to spend time with [ profile] thursdaystgiles and [ profile] envinoveritas, which I enjoyed more than I can say. Trips to Japan and Jeeves & Wooster and puppy dogs! I'll have more on that later, but we're being boarded now.


Dec. 20th, 2007 12:31 pm
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Double Feature - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Check out this sweet T-shirt that my very good friend Rob made. That's his smokin' wife Amy in the picture there. Woo woo!

...So I should probably talk about myself too. Things are going along ok. I managed to fall and crush my knee pretty badly a few weeks ago, but nothing worth going to the hospital for. I'm still not very happy about having to go up and down stairs, but am otherwise fully ambulatory.

Thus far, the apartment has not caught on fire, even though some firetrucks visited the building and things looked alarming for a little while there, and the bathtub has clogged up, which we figured out the cause of and fixed. Fun times! I'm not sure how I went for four years with almost no major issues, and now all this. Oh, right. It all started about the time I became head of household in the various apartments. In any case, the place still looks great and I'm really happy to be living there.

Pop'll be rolling in around noon on Saturday and I have tickets to go see some holiday improv at the P.I.T. where I'll be taking classes. Right around the corner is Supermac, a macaroni 'n cheese themed restaurant so I anticipate a good night. ;)

I'll have Christmas in Maryland and take the train back on Tuesday (NO MORE FLYING) and then next weekend it's New Years at the House that Euclid Forgot in the Berkshire's which is going to be a blast and a half. WOO HOO HOLIDAYS!
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Hello from lovely Colorado!

I am typing from Tod's house, which is full of furry animals, including a HUGE black dog. He's golden retriever/newfoundland mix, big as a horse and such a cuddly baby. There is also a small yappy-type dog, his cat Athena (who is darling), another cat named Midnight and two fish. Why am I talking about animals when I could be talking about him and my visit?

I've had a lovely time so far, and my first full day was a great success. One does a lot of walking here, which is just fine because there's a nice park and the weather has been lovely. We had fondue for late lunch (SO DELICIOUS) and came back for quality time and to demolish a bottle of rum. I currently have a very floppy and cuddly Tod asleep on my shoulder, who I will be tucking into bed presently. (It's selfish of me, but I wanted to take a moment to check in here. I'm neglecting my flist, though - sorry everyone!) Tomorrow we're going to the zoo with his brother and brother's girlfriend, which will be fun I hope. I should get some sunscreen, though. I wore my jacket today despite the heat because I'd rather be warm than be a lobster.

That's about it for now. Love to everyone!
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I have several important points to discuss with you today.

1) Thursday and Dana are gorgeous and lovely and awesome

2) OMG CIRQUE OMG. Flying crow Adonises. End of story. (Also, Icarus and the flower-lizard lady in their pretty wedding digs.)

3) Christopher Walken is running for president in 2008. No. Really.


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