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And I did not see a single moose. Unless by "moose" you mean my friends, in which case I saw four, and slept in one of their houses. Those friends being namely: [ profile] lowellboyslash, [ profile] takhys, [ profile] telekine and NEW FRAND [ profile] theoriginalspy.

My impression of Toronto is that it is a pretty okay place! We went to the Museum, which was something between the Met with its sculptures and mummies, and the Natural History Museum, with its dinosaurs and stuffed things behind glass. (Tiny baby dinosaur fossils! And who doesn't like a good Giant Sloth?) There was also a GIGANTIC PUBLISHING FAIRE thing, at which all of Canada's publishers, large and small, and several major stores set up under tents and sell books on the cheap. I bought Hellboy instead of maple syrup or whatever other kitchy thing, and I am not ashamed. Also, I have seen the Polkaroo live, and all I understand is how little I understand.

I also glimpsed Lake Ontario, and yes it was a rather Great Lake (haw haw), what with the sky being huge and gorgeous and some boats being out on it. Having spent most of my formative years in Maryland, I am a sucker for large bodies of water with sailboats. If a decent crabcake had occurred at any point in the trip, I might not have come back at all. DO YOU KNOW ABOUT OLD BAY, CANADA? IF SO, LET'S TALK.

Also. If, in the future, I ever say to you "yes, I am going on a trip just for the weekend. I'm coming back Sunday night / Monday morning and am going straight to work! It'll be fine!" please know that I am lying, and that I will actually just be going straight to bed. Fortunately, it was a very good Monday for calling out sick, so I was telling the truth about the fine part.


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