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Things that have happened to me today:

1) I won free candy from the vending machine at the office. Apparently vending machines have the ability to decide I am a winner, and act accordingly. Awesome.

2) My father has acquired a camera phone, which he has used to send me a picture of his turkey. It looks bigger than the dog was. I've asked that for his next trick, he send me a picture of mom's face when she sees it. If there's one thing Mom was definitely missing from her quasi-neoclassical design story for their house, it was a stuffed tom turkey with a three foot diameter. The taxidermist freeze-dried the head, guys. My dad has got to be careful to keep his dead turkey head out of the rain, okay?

3) I discovered that a fellow I went to college with has been incarcerated on charges relating to child pornography. There's a picture of him on the state's registered sex offenders website. What the hell.


Jul. 1st, 2009 12:47 pm
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My friend Katie was like "Oh, well I'm having to leave my part-time thing early to go work for FDNY, want me to give them your resume?" and I was like "HECK YES" and she was like "I did and they're going to call you" and I was like "AWESOME" and then they did and I was all rocking the phone interview, and then they wanted me to come in today and the guy I met with was super chill and they're like "next Tuesday?" and I went "ABSOLUTELY!"

And then I got a celebratory frapp. THE END.

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On the other hand, screw turkey. Blair's making salmon! >:D

Thing's I'm Thankful For:
1) My family
2) My friends
3) The internet
4) Puppets <--new one!
5) A great chance at a new job
6) Cardboard boxes and cats who like to hop into them
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It's 9 am and I am only just now going to bed. This is because I had to wait until 8:30 to call folks about medical bills and I am frankly shocked that I got any sleep at all this weekend with those hanging over my head. (I employed a Useful Device to trick and soothe my brain: I literally put "Worry About Bills" on my Googlecalendar so that I could tell my brain that it did not have to worry because the internet would worry for me.)

In any case, I can now categorically say that health insurance is the best thing ever, because that's another $1335.00 that BlueCross BlueShield made go away, thank God and all His little angels.

You know you're a grownup when "Okay, you can disregard that bill" is the sweetest poetry to your ears.

Let's see. In other news, I have done two new arts, one and two, inspired by the EXTREMELY AWESOME NOBILIS LARP from Origins. (Some Many of you have seen these already. Look again, the first one's been updated!) And they are quite good arts, sir! Quite good and I do say so myself and just because I always say that doesn't mean it's not particularly true this time. There will be more, oh yes, because I am not only going to Con on the Cob in October (somehow) but [ profile] ninjahijinx and I are sharing a table in the Artitorium. Aaaa. Three months to make a portfolio that random people will care about, GO!

Speaking of money, I am still waiting to hear back from Columbia re: an office job I applied for. Bah office job, but YAY free schooling, so here's hoping my oh-so-polite thank you note will pound the nail into the proverbial coffin. The coffin of gainful employment. Yes. I also applied for a gig at United Media as a comic strip editor. An editor for the Sunday funnies! I believe the term for such a position would be "super awesome". I'll keep you posted.

And now to sleep, perchance to dream of Changeling characters. :3


Apr. 9th, 2008 06:32 pm
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Hello again, from my first official day being unemployed! I'm doing just fine - in fact much better than I have any right to be, for reasons I will reveal in a moment.

Yesterday was...complex. It was an incredibly busy day: we had six gentlemen come in for a meeting and they arrived just after I did - after calling to ask permission to come an hour early to meet and set up. I do very well as a receptionist, however, and got them all settled in with no problems. I wasn't sure until early afternoon whether or not I would be in tomorrow (today), but then my supervisor pulled me aside and gave me an envelope with a severance gift from the Grandboss, and mentioned that she had convinced him that it would be best to give it to me on my last day. Well then! This led to a dizzying few hours of cleaning and sorting, since even after coming in for a few hours on Saturday and working for over 12 hours on Monday, there was still more to be done to get everything in order for the temps who would help out in my stead. I was able to say my goodbyes and leave the office just after seven, still in shock that I would not return. It is a gorgeous building, a truly beautiful office, and I will miss it. (The building was used as the Oscorp Building in the Spider Man movies, and also in the Lipstick Mafia. And yes, that really is the office I just left, from the designer's website.)

The envelope contained, as I later discovered, a check for $5,000 from the Grandboss's own pocket. I am...still terribly in shock. Grandboss is wealthy enough to keep not one but two apartments in the luxury building at 500 Park, and yet this kind of generosity is very common for him. Such acts, and the quiet and polite way he treats everyone he meets, are in my experience what separates the truly wealthy from the simply rich. My old boss, who behaved like fat, spoiled toddler on the best of days and expected huge tips and fancy dinners to excuse him from common courtesy, was simply rich and his disgusting behavior is all the more evident for the example of my now sadly ex-Grandboss. He is the epitome of an English Gentleman, and it was truly and honor and pleasure knowing and working with him.

Then we had a good session of Ars Magica. Rob and Amy just got back from Edinburgh, and we had some really delicious Scottish beer (of a brand I now forget), and I got a very grumpy looking little bear in a tartan dress, which was just perfect for my character, who is a very grumpy little woman who turns into a bear, which usually tears her dresses but that's beside the point. They brought haggis back, which we were all far less enthused about, and no I did not have any. The smell was enough, thank you.

Today I slept until noon, had lunch with Rob and saw all the pictures of Edinburgh. Gorgeous! Back at home, I found that Blair had surprised me by hanging our new curtains in the kitchen, and I helped her with the ones in the living room, and also changed the ceiling light without falling and breaking my neck. (Note to self: ladder. Yes.) Would you like to see?

Come on over to my house! )

And now Gus and Blair and I are heading to pub for dinner. Life is kind, and I am so blessed. Now to take some classes, one way or another, and keep becoming who I am meant to be.
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Eddie Izzard standup tour: Stripped

A ticket. I has it.
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Well another delightful Berkshires New Year is drawing to a close. Fun, food, friends and Castle Faulkenstein LARP has been had by all. Other highlights include sledding and building a sexy snowgeek, pictures to follow once I get some.

All in all, when I think back on the past two weekends, I couldn't be happier. I love you all.

Meme at Year's End )
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Lawdy what a day. Work was heck, it just wouldn't quit being Monday. Between phone and coworkers, there was just nothing easy from start to finish. Then things got interesting, as [ profile] onlystraw had a half hour layover which turned into five hours when his bus was too full. So we stashed his stuff in my office, he went off to play in FAO Shwartz and Central Park, and then we went for deeelicious steak with [ profile] mephron. Ohhh love me some red meat. Tired and content, we saw each other off at about 10:15.

You'd think that'd be the end of the day, but then this is me, and this is New York City. Interesting was only starting.

I must have had my "talk to me" vibes on high, because I'd barely found a spot to wait for the train before a man standing next to me started a conversation. He was perhaps half a foot taller than I was, with coarse black skin, crooked teath and a ready smile. He'd left his wallet at home and was going back to get it, apparently, and had a duffel bag with him, and an odd coat of rough fabric dyed red in places and sewn with cowrie shells. We did not exchange names.

I will admit that big black men do make me nervous, slightly moreso than any other large strange man, and I was worried that at some point he was going to ask me for a date or my number, but apparently he just wanted to tell me about the fights he was in. He told me that he was in Last One Standing - a competition where men from America and England fight tribesmen and warriors from cultures all over the world. The one that survives the longest gets a large cash prize - which was the man's goal. He'd survived three fights so far, so he was guaranteed some prize money, but of course the big bucks are for the winner. I am a good, responsive listener, and he was certainly very animated and proud of his fights thus far, so it was extremely surreal but fairly pleasant. I heard about his fight with a Jamaican swordsman (Jamaican fighters can choose from a pile of a lot of different weapons - the man himself went for some hatchets), his fight with a very tall Indian (a wrestler who used a technique he described as being like a gorilla) and his greatest battle thus far: a Zulu warrior (who was surprisingly short but extremely fierce - he was certain that one was ready to kill him rather than lose).

I have no blessed clue if these stories are true or not - if he really is on Last One Standing, it's the coming season, as he's not on the site, but if it was a lie, it was a very involved and well-fabricated one. Regardless, I wish the man well.

Aaand now my computer is just up and shutting down out of nowhere. I've got a feeling it's a battery issue, as it doesn't seem to be charging properly. Nooot sure though.

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So yesterday morning, I make my way down to the Civil Court and register with the Housing Clerk in order to get a date for the hearing for this case with the landlord. I let said Clerk (who was a very nice man sitting next to a very silly trucker hat) know that I do indeed intend to make a counterclaim based on the well-documented and gross violations of tenant rights and Housing Code requirements present in said apartment. Then I go to work and it's tax return day and INSANITY BEGINS. Dang financial institutions and their goojillian holding companies that all need to register.

Anyway, here's where it gets interesting. At around three o'clock I got a call from the landlord. This was a different fellow than the one I had (not) been dealing with before, who expressed shock and dismay at the situation, claiming that they didn't know that things were so bad. Then it became clear that he was sitting with the city inspector's report from a month ago in front of him, since he knew all about the damages without my needing to tell that's some impressive doublethink there, Mr. Gee It's News To Us, sir. Regardless, we worked out a deal where they'll waive half the fees (so we effectively only owe two months' rent), we can leave this month with no fees, and they'll mail me the security deposit once we're gone. Ho ho, gentlemen. I should have this arrangement in writing soon.

I would have told you all this sooner, but naturally Blair and I celebrated this happy turn of events, and after a long day and a few glasses of wine, sleep was inevitable.

SO. I am thinking maybe there will be moving this weekend. Which means I shall spend the rest of the week putting things in boxes and bags! EXCITING! Blair's taken pictures and I keep pestering her to email them to me, which hopefully she will do when she gets home today. My plan is to get home and then go over and measure stuff, as I know Mom is on a mission and we have to have dimensions and begin formulating floorplans. The main doors are neat 'cause there's an electronic key thinger, and I am entertaining mad dreams of a hanging garden on the fire escape. This will not happen, but what MIGHT happen is the creation of a clever interior shutter contraption, as there are currently no blinds for the windows. >__>

People in NY: does anyone have a trolley or other rolling-device for putting stuff on? It's a bit of a walk through the courtyard, and such a thing would be v. helpful. Also, you know you all want to come help haul stuff. :D?
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Gooood morning! Well now that I’m recovered from an unwise level of celebrating last night *pause to drink more water* let me give you the full scoop.

First, a useful map! Note the lovely courtyard, which looks like this as you walk up to it (only a bit nicer right now with flowers and leaves). The images on the realtor’s site are actually of a similar apartment, so you’ll have to wait until we get in there for proper pictures. For a taste however, the rooms look something like this, and we have a bigger kitchen than the one shown here. There are two bedrooms and a living room of about equal size, a foyer area with three (3) large closets, and a nice big kitchen with a new stove and refrigerator. Hardwood floors throughout, and the walls are a pleasant buttery cream color rather than ye olde industrial white. (I’m also hoping they’re easier to hang things on, ‘cause dang the place I’m in now is unforgiving.)

The drawbacks of the place are thus: it’s on the fourth floor of a walkup, there are no closets in the rooms themselves, and the bathroom is teensy. After going to [ profile] kleenestar and [ profile] maastrictian’s old place with the MILLION STAIRS, three flights ain’t no thang, plus it gives us a nice view over the rooftops of the surrounding buildings. Plus I need the exercize. As for the closets, Blair’s room already doesn’t have one so she’s prepared anyway, and there are plenty of furniture options to solve that problem. The bathroom is actually rather delightful: you walk in and think to yourself “my, that’s a very small bathtub- oh, it goes back!” For indeed, the tub is set in a little nook, which I would like to put shelves in with candles on to create a calming and meditative space.

Now, in theory, we could start moving in on Monday. We haven’t actually signed anything yet, and logistically we’re just not ready for so speedy a shift, so that’s not really going to happen. We'll probably aim for next weekend, but I'll keep y'all posted. Honestly, the move itself isn’t my biggest worry at this point. The next big hurdle is going to be cutting ties with the old landlord…
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Welllll I've had a Day.

So, let us begin with the good. The good is that I have tomorrow off, and this weekend I get to meet some wonderful ladies that I've known online for some time, for the first time in person. This is v. exciting and I'm looking forward to it keenly.

Now for the bad. Ben's room has bedbugs in it. This is not the end of the world but has shot me straight through horrified and into a sort of calm, understated rage. My beloved parents do not like it when I use such taboo words as fuck, so we shall curse in a civilized manner. Puss dripping son of a one-legged syphillitic whore. Yes, indeed.

On the other hand, now I bloody well HAVE to clean my room out, so perhaps I'll use this as an opportunity to get a new bed and get things rearranged the way I've wanted them to be for a little while now.

Back to the hand we started with, this may mean that I will need to spend my day off at home waiting for the exterminator to come give the room in question a look-see. I don't know yet.

And now, in a fit of utterly sublime timing: the adorable. Rather than a basket, my afore-mentioned parents have sent me the most delightful Easter gift. I received very carefully packaged and padded a small box labelled "Suedy's Koo-ki Sushi." At this point I am naturally grinning, and got to laughing when I opened it up.
It contains: )

Mom, Dad, thank you. And now I am going to go eat my lunch, which (also entirely coincidentally) is salmon teriyaki with actual sushi, read some comics left over from yesterday, and meditate on how all the little wonderful things in my life always seem to come together when things get tough.

I still don't know what I did in my past lives to get this one, but oh please let me be doing it again!


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