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JUST WRITE IT, FOOL! Okay, here we go:

Back from a weekend in an odd Pennsylvanian mix of golf course, beach and forest to celebrate the birthdays of various Scotts. I DROVE THE WHOLE WAY, IT WAS AWESOME. I rented a zippy little Mazda 3 Hatch and was well pleased with it - those of you who know anything about cars may or may not mock me for it, but the extent of my expertise when it comes to cars is: 1) When I hit the gas, does it go? 2) When I hit the brake, does it stop? 3) When I turn the wheel, does it make a small circle or a big one? and 4) How much gas does it eat? The 3 Hatch scored well on all points, and was big enough for five people and our luggage to survive a couple of hours. The handling on that car was really peppy, enough so that I was not a nervous wreck driving in NYC. Not even Yankees traffic could defeat me, and we went right by the stadium at 5pm! Makes me miss having a car...

I also miss not coughing all the time, and my own bed. At least one of this is immediately achievable, but as long as I've gotten up the momentum to post in this thing, I might as well make it worthwhile.

A list of points of interest:

1) Still working at CCNY. It's nice. I have a fish.
2) Moving out of Inwood. No, I do not know when or where or with who. There are a lot of not-quite-great options on the table, but I'll figure something out.
3) I am bringing so many people with me to the 4th of July BBQ, it's going to be amazing.
4) I AM GOING TO NEW ORLEANS, GDI. Damn the cost, I am GOING.
5) Ha ha ha ha what is money?
6) My friends are awesome, all the many groups of them.

Nerd talk begins here, non-nerds may go enjoy their evenings.

There's a lot I could say about various tabletop and LARP games that are going on presently, but this post is getting long enough. So instead of talking about things I am doing, I will talk about something I am not doing.

I'm not rp-ing anywhere online anymore. It's easy when you're part of a big vibrant group that's always coming up with new nonsense in whatever games its members stick their fingers into, but I fell out of that group for one reason or another. That stings, I'm not going to lie, but there are enough big vibrant things going on in rl that I don't actually miss it as a hobby. There are one or two people that I do miss fiercely however, and characters that are still fluttering about in my head like so many moths, but I still associate the activity with that lost group. One day I may regain the interest and the interpersonal support, but it's not today. It was awesome while it lasted, and I am so happy to have made the friends that I did. Y'all are the best, and I enjoy reading up on what's going on in your lives, real or imaginary. ♥
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So perhaps a post? It's been what, four months?

Real Life Things

1) I am almost-but-not-yet-actually-but-really-probably-for-sure-this-time permanently employed in the Psych department of City College. It's nice here.

2) People who are getting married in the near and not-so-near future include two of my close friends here in NYC, and my sister and I approve of both of these unions. I approve of them x 1,000 each.

3) I am torn between the need to eat better and exercise and my great love of comfort food and comfort living. Oh, metabolism of my youth, how I pine for thee!

4) Roommate and I are taking our extra cat to BARC asap. Buddy the marmalade tom is a most excellent cat with a fine Edward Gorey profile, but we just don't have the room and the other cats hate him (this is more their fault than his - our girl cats are weeeird) so it must be done. We should have done it a year ago, but leaving him at a shelter where he won't be cared for and will eventually be killed wasn't something we could live with.

Roleplaying Things

1) I am totally going to NEW ORLEANS for the big Cam convention this year guys. It's going to be wicked awesome, and I am being so careful in saving for it and buying things in steps, you don't even know. >:|

2) I am seriously considering getting theatrical makeup and platform shoes to make myself look more like a chimp/yeti for this convention. I also want a new ball gown. I also want a pony and a million dollars and a time machine.

3) I am sooo ready for my Masquerade character to be approved for play. I'm torn between being patient and pestering the ST. On the one hand, the guy has been unbelievably busy at work and I feel for him, but on the other hand, I need him to pay attention for three hot seconds so that I can pretend to be a horrible old monster made of ooky shadow tentacles and disdain!


On-Line RP Things

1) There's something in me that just can't muster any interest in general nexus games right now, even though basically everyone I love playing with is on one nexus or another. I need more structure than that atm, I guess.

2) I apped a stupid anime character at C&C, AND I AM NOT ASHAMED.

3) /waits patiently for Humanity RP to start. :3

Aaand so that's it. HELLO INTERNET HOW ARE YOU
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So the general theme of existence right now is that a boy is a lovely thing to have, and so is sleep. Ironically enough I sleep better with Sean in my life, but I've lost the ability to sleep the entired blessed day long on Saturday, so I'm not sure how things are evening out overall. He has a CAR, people! This means that we can go on amazing nerd vacations to nearby metropolii on weekends and thus I am slowly meeting everyone in the Cam. However, our tendency to travel to games that end at midnight on Saturday, with a certain redhaired liturgical rockstar who has work to do on Sunday mornings is starting to take more of a toll than the Jersey Turnpike. Oh yeah. Topical humor.

Now for cuts, to save your flists.

Some stuff about books. )

A work rant. )
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Also, Changeling is awesome and I need a character that is more active and hardcore. (She's getting there.) ALSO I am totally psyched for Mage tomorrow. :B

ALSO, having to do more with the real world, new applications are in to Columbia, so...pray to your dieties and burn your incenses in my name, please. o__o
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*collapses in a heap*

Hey guys, I'm back, but not yet fully back actually, as I'm recouperating at some friends' and will not be properly home until later tonight.

Con report is here! Had a grand time.

I know a bunch of you IMed me, and I'm sorry to not have gotten back to you, but I think I looked at my phone a grand total of once the whole time.
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Ooo too early in the AM. It's 5:30 and I've been awake for an hour and a half already. We were supposed to fly back to NY from Columbus last evening, but due to some EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE thunderstorms that have been lingering about, our flight was canceled.

Oh, right. I've been at Origins the past couple of days. It's been a total blast! The con's highs have been many and rewarding: on the rp side, I got to take a major role in the Nobilis larp, more or less junior GM, and heavens that was a successful game. Twenty players plus three extras, an hour of prep, and then from 9 until midnight it was in-character all the way, and the quality of acting, storytelling and improvisation was fantastic. I also participated in a Changeling larp (new edition) which was interesting. Certainly more stilted than the Nobilis game, it was still a darn good time, though I certainly might be biased by being awarded this book for my rp. Mwaha!

On a personal side, I met scads of wonderful people. [ profile] rscott had befriended a local group of like-minded geeks last year, and they were kind enough to pick us up from the airport and put some of our group up at their home. It seemed that I wasn't going to be hanging out with them much, as I was staying with [ profile] kleenestar and [ profile] maastrictian (THANK YOU THANK YOU), but got to know them better during our unexpectedly extended stay last night. This, I consider to be a great bonus, as they are long-time Changeling fans (old edition) and just generally delightful. Also there was a cherubic monkey of a 2-year old girl. Not yet talking quite, but certainly a lot of fun.

And, of course, I got to spend time with [ profile] thursdaystgiles and [ profile] envinoveritas, which I enjoyed more than I can say. Trips to Japan and Jeeves & Wooster and puppy dogs! I'll have more on that later, but we're being boarded now.
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Another chatlog of my intrepid Ars Magica character interacting with the nexus. One of the GMs expressed a great deal of glee at the last one, so Jess, this is for you. Good thing you read fast, 'cause there were LOTS more characters in the chat this time. SPARTANs and unicorns and magicing yourself unconscious, oh my!


ALSO there is this new Lowe's commercial that is FULL OF GIANT GRIZZLY BEAR, because reality loves me. :D
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Chatlog of afternoon silliness. Take one Ars Magica pnp character and stick her in a bar in a multiverse. Add a White Wolf were hyena, Jonathan Crane from DC comics, and a high-fantasy adapted Will Scarlett (who may not have anything to do with Robin Hood, I don't know much about the character), and let's see what happens:

Cut for length )
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[ profile] rscott: And you should have already gotten an email about Dante's plumbingbuddy1, because I posted a comment to your journal as you asked me to.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Oh!
[ profile] snapples_apples: Well my bad then
[ profile] rscott: I like acronyms.
[ profile] rscott: Public Bottom
[ profile] rscott: Perfunctory Beating
[ profile] snapples_apples: Aww, he's cute.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Perspiring Battledore
[ profile] rscott: Planetary Balding
[ profile] snapples_apples: Prescription Beatings
[ profile] snapples_apples: Prehensile Blunderbuss
[ profile] rscott: I had to look up Battledore
[ profile] snapples_apples: LOL I figured
[ profile] rscott: I hate you.
[ profile] rscott: Pubic Brush
[ profile] snapples_apples: I remember it from some...cartoon. They go "applecore, nevermore, what's the score"
[ profile] snapples_apples: Damn what was that cartoon.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Anyway, battledore was one of the words and I liked it, as a girl.
[ profile] rscott: ah. You are a dork.
[ profile] snapples_apples: I am. I'm a born fangirl.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Damn this is going to bother me. I think it was some really old Disney cartoon.
[ profile] rscott: Obvious to everyone.
[ profile] rscott: Google seems to imply that it may have been a donald duck and chip n' dale toon.
[ profile] snapples_apples: When your mom has to make up fanfic about the Superfriends to entertain you while you're being potty-trained...yeah, there's your sign
[ profile] snapples_apples: Yes!
[ profile] snapples_apples: Yes.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Yes yes
[ profile] rscott: Google wins again.
[ profile] snapples_apples: It went "Applecore, nevermore, who's your friend, ME!" and then they'd hit him in the face with an apple.
[ profile] snapples_apples: Man. Twenty year old memories.

1 For those of you who, like Rob, are not l33t, we're talking about PBs, aka "Played By"s, or "If I were going to make this into a film, this is the person I would cast to play my character."

O hi

Feb. 20th, 2008 10:48 am
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Time for a bit of a babble. I've neglected this journal for a while now, a sure sign that I'm not feeling very up on what's going on in my life, but we've come out of the slump again, so hello. Lupercalia, four cats in my apartment, living beyond my means, and Alastair Reynolds writes some good sci-fi. La.

Mostly I want to give major props to my pal [ profile] isaaceverett, who performed last night at Crash Mansion downtown in celebration of the release of his new album. The music had a great classic rock vibe, and there was some serious talent up there performing. I especially liked the lead - she looked great, sounded fantastic, and carried the show extremely well. As for content, I'm an extremely easy going person when it comes to spirituality, and it's very encouraging to see a movement in the church of people embracing the groovier side of the Christian message. Judgmentalism and exclusivity and Bible-beating in general are not the point, folks, and it's easy to forget that there are plenty of Christians who don't go in for that nonsense.

I'm also going to talk more about roleplaying here, as it's become my main hobby and the fact that I do NOT talk about it in this journal has lead to me rarely posting in here at all. Roleplayers have a negative public image, but it's stupid to let opinions formed by gossip and extreme stereotypes stop me from talking about something that I find inspiring, thought-provoking, and a hell of a lot of fun. I spent most of my childhood "playing pretend" with my head in the clouds, and am quite happy to report no singificant changes now that I am in my adulthood.

More musings thisaway )

And all manner of thing is behovely.
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A collection of reference materials for the Ars game I'm playing with my pals in NYC.

Under this cut! )


Feb. 1st, 2008 04:21 pm
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So this meme went around, and it's a pretty good idea. I've got a HECK of a lot of pups, and am looking to re-do my userinfo anyway, so tell me:

1. Which pups would you vote that I not retire?
2. Which pups do you think it would be a good idea to retire?
3. Are there any pups/journalnames you'd like to take over?

Do I really have this many pups? Yes, yes I do )
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Ooo tired. Note to self: post log of convo from last night re: McCarthyism on the Internets.

I'm getting a looot of good rp lately. On the RL front, I couldn't be enjoying Ars Magica more, and I'm looking forward to regular session on Tuesday after two weeks of downtime preludes. On LJ, SURPRISE AWESOMENESS for [ profile] unwearied_fire, who's a joy to play. Blessings! Space ships! Unwitting priestesses! It's good to be a god. On IRC, [ profile] im_in_zane has been having a ball, which is great. Huzzah for successful reboots! There's also been plot for [ profile] allican_take (sullen Kurt is sullen) and a new pup who will need a journal.

I'd started a current-616 Kurt at [ profile] milliways_bar but have fallen off that horse until I get the latest issues. That place is fast-paced!

If only I could do all this AND sleep...

Also, a survey thing.

OH! AND! Season two of Torchwood rocks my face. That is all.
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Remember: Jesus saves. And only takes half damage.

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Ok kids, first the announcement. I haven't been as available for RP in recent weeks due to several unfortunate and frustrating incidences involving the structural integrity of my apartment, fungus and asshats. Things are both better and worse, and I will continue to be off and on for RP for the near future, so it's probably best to declare an unofficial hiatus. Unofficial because if I have a free moment and feel the need to engage in escapist activities, I am damn well gonna do it.


1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers - Password: landmark
3. Take the 'Career Matchmaker' questions at the upper left corner
4. Post the top 10 results. (I am putting 11 because...well lookit!)

1. Social Worker
2. Addictions Counselor
3. Psychologist
4. Rehabilitation Counselor
5. Sport Psychology Consultant
6. Lobbyist
7. Humanitarian Aid Worker
8. Desktop Publisher
9. Animator
10. Gerontologist
11. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator



Sep. 10th, 2007 09:32 am
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Helloooo my many lovelies. My but it has been a busy weekend. I took Friday off to go look at apartments. This is a good thing, since the epidemic of CEILING FALL DOWN has spread to the KITCHEN as well, and there's a nice hole there, too. Because heaven forbid we become so inured to the state of decay in the bathroom that our teeth do not grind whenever we walk into the apartment.

ANYWAY. The agent was nice, and it will all be worth it if we get the apartment that we applied for. It's about a five minute walk from the one we're in now, so we can keep the things about the neighborhood which we like (a good pub is a great comfort), while upgrading to a much pleasanter and significantly better-kept building. I should find out soon what the story is.

Saturday was devoted to running preludes for the Changeling game I've started. I have...never run a game before, so I'm keeping things fairly small while I sort this whole "roll initiative" business out. I'm proud to say that I pulled it off, though, and I was complimented by everyone, including [ profile] kleenestar and [ profile] maastrictian, which is sortof like painting Rembrant's portrait and having him tell you that he thinks it's really top-notch. Sunday I did Joe's prelude, and this is the guy who got me into roleplaying when I was but a wee Abby in highschool, so once again doing my best for him was crucial.

And so despite a feeling of being woefully underprepared, all went well. Hello there, self-confidence! I'm really enjoying laying the groundwork for the larger plot that I'm building, (AND OH SUCH PLOT DO I HAVE!) and I do love world- and character-building. I just need to get the game mechanics down and my sense of pacing together. We'll see how a group session works.

Arg, I want news on the apartment, arg!
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So. A storytelling element in my CHANGELING GAME is the horn used by the fae Hunter to summon the Hunt to come...well hunt your helpless arse down. Naturally, I wanted to find something cool and creepy for this purpose, and oh Lordy, the internet has not failed to provide.

So. The horn is a Kangling - a trumpet made of a human thighbone used in Buddhist rituals to summon hungry devils (nominally to purify them)

Pictures behind cut! )

And I even found on youtube a movie of a man playing the Kanglin

Also, in case this wasn't crazy-wtf enough, the page I got those pictures from to begin with. Please note that some of the content is NSFW.


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