Feb. 25th, 2009 04:51 pm
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Oh my goodness, the Obama family has chosen its new dog. And it looks like the dog from Fraggle Rock.

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On the other hand, screw turkey. Blair's making salmon! >:D

Thing's I'm Thankful For:
1) My family
2) My friends
3) The internet
4) Puppets <--new one!
5) A great chance at a new job
6) Cardboard boxes and cats who like to hop into them
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Undaunted by the GLARING LACK of "I Voted!" stickers in NYC, I have fashioned my own sticker out of an Avery Easy Peel label and some crayola markers. Be jealous.

Also, please note that the office I am currently in stocks crayola markers. Classic colors. Both the washable and "oh well, it was time to repaint that wall anyway" varieties. Desk jobs in universities are clearly better than desk jobs in places that are not universities.
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Though I am pretty darn cheesed off that they don't seem to be distributing stickers/buttons this year. All the fuss about rocking the vote and no stickers? Tisk, people.

Bah. Tonight, brownies! :D!
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So hi Internet. I'm going to rant now, about joblessness and being annoyed at my dad. But I'm going to include illustrative and appropriate icons, so hopefully it will be amusing.

You know it's gonna be a day when it wasn't even noon yet and already one icon was just not enough.

So my Mom calls this morning. )
I don't plan on moving home. I don't feel like I have to justify what I'm doing to him or to anyone, because it seems to me that it's pretty much self-evident. I can't change the fact that it costs vast amounts of money to go to school, to own a car, to eat for a year.
I have no doubts that if he is upset it is because he loves me, but in all honesty, if his conclusion is that I should give up these silly shenanigans and come home...well there are probably better ways to make that argument than getting mad at me for pursuing my future.

But under here we'll talk about nicer things. Including puppets! )

For now, you know what time it is.
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A ruling that deliberately blurs the definition of abortion and provides indulgent protection for health care workers who place their personal religious beliefs above their duties as legally sanctioned doctors and nurses might become a law in thirty days.

[livejournal.com profile] vivian_shaw put it best:

If this passes, it will mean that anyone in the healthcare industry who may even tangentially be involved in providing a legal medical procedure may choose not to do this, and be protected under federal law. Not only that, but healthcare providers, technicians, orderlies, and administrative workers who refuse to do their jobs will not be required by law to provide patients with any kind of referral to an institution or individual who will perform this legal medical procedure. It doesn't matter if they're the only clinic in a town--in a radius of a hundred miles--in a state. It does not matter that the patients seeking this procedure will have absolutely no recourse to legal protection if they are denied medical care due to someone else's religious positions.

I encourage you to go to the page NARAL has provided, which you can use to send an email to your legislators to encourage them to join Planned Parenthood in fighting for the rights of Americans of all genders and religions to have equal access to healthcare.
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So now that I've had some sleep and some time to chew on it, I've revisited my uncle's email and responded to it. I'm posting such here for those of you who are interested in this sort of thing. Otherwise, scroll on by. Here's the email from my uncle, which I've cleaned up for extraneous spaces but the text of which is untouched. It's behind this cut here. )

And here's my response, which uses some of the text from my diatribe but has been processed for familial consumption. It's behind this other cut here. )
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Two posts in one day? Madness. Well technically it's tomorrow, but I scoff at your puny Earth time.

I just wanted to note that I will be voting for this man.

Here's why. )

And now, bed.
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This has been linked elsewhere, but I feel strongly enough about it to put it here also.

Doctors' beliefs can hinder patient care: New laws give physicians and hospitals the right to deny women the best care, even in emergencies.

To sum it up: women, even women who come to emergency rooms after crisis situations, are being denied the morning after pill and other kinds of care because of the doctors’ pro-life and religious choices. Women seeking birth control from gynecologists and single mothers looking to adopt also face discrimination, and while that’s surprising to me, they can just go to another doctor. But if someone has just been assaulted, the last thing they need to hear is that the doctor treating them will not give them a treatment they ask for because that doctor believes that his or her religion applies to another person’s body.

How did a country founded on the right to freedom of religion come to use that right to stamp on women's health and rights?


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