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The phone rings, in the middle of the night,
My father yells 'What you gonna do with your Abby?'

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My father has cancer. Doctors found a tumor on his kidney. He's going into surgery to have it removed tomorrow, and everything looks like it's going to be a nice, neat, in-and-out removal. Coming on the tail end of a month in which two of my friends lost their fathers and others have seen their daddies in and out of the hospital, if I did not sit here and appreciate everything my dad has done for me, I wouldn't deserve to have him. Thankfully, he has an excellent doctor, and the outlook for a full recovery is quite good. Prayers and good thoughts for him would be appreciated.
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Things that have happened to me today:

1) I won free candy from the vending machine at the office. Apparently vending machines have the ability to decide I am a winner, and act accordingly. Awesome.

2) My father has acquired a camera phone, which he has used to send me a picture of his turkey. It looks bigger than the dog was. I've asked that for his next trick, he send me a picture of mom's face when she sees it. If there's one thing Mom was definitely missing from her quasi-neoclassical design story for their house, it was a stuffed tom turkey with a three foot diameter. The taxidermist freeze-dried the head, guys. My dad has got to be careful to keep his dead turkey head out of the rain, okay?

3) I discovered that a fellow I went to college with has been incarcerated on charges relating to child pornography. There's a picture of him on the state's registered sex offenders website. What the hell.
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So my hard dive is dead. This means I'll be getting online....sortof whenever I can, but not reliably until next week at the earliest.


On the plus side, the new job is pretty nice so far!
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So yes, I lost my job. Only it wasn't really my job, because I was a temp, and I didn't so much lose it as the parent company of the NY office neglected to tell anyone except the temp agency that I wasn't supposed to come in anymore, so it was a surprise for everyone involved, really.

So if anyone's got any job leads, huck 'em my way. Until then, NEW PUPPETS.
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  • 10:22 Sooo I just got told that my last day temping here will be the 29th. So that's interesting. #
  • 11:54 Hahahaha! Oh but apparently MY last day was to be the 15th! Jesus wept, this company. #
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Well Fuck.

Dec. 5th, 2008 11:34 am
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They've hired someone else to take this position. Today's my last day. Boss was nice about it, but it still sucks. I'm not really in the mood to go over this ad nauseum right now, nor do I think it would be helpful. Just wanted to say something here so that I don't have to repeat it five zillion times.

Comments disabled because I'm going to deal with this by not lingering over it. Have a drink for me tonight, everyone, and that'll be enough.
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So. Night before last I spent in the bathroom vomiting and trying to deal with some really impressive pain in the lower right area of my back. (Some of you may already know where I'm going with this now.) At about 10, I decided that I really needed my stomach lining to stay where it was, got myself in a cab and went to Mount Sinai hospital to check myself in because kidney stones are no fun. About an hour after getting in there, I was hooked up to the first IV I've ever had (wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be), drinking from a bag, and starting to relax as the pain and anti-nausea meds kicked in. I owe [ profile] rscott and my rommate big time for coming down and keeping my bedraggled hide company.

I discovered an interesting side effect to IVs - you get REALLY COLD! My body sucked up the fluid solution like a sponge, but the solution was well below room temperature, so I ended up shivering for a good while under blankets and our jackets. I got a CAT scan, which was interesting, was told that yes it probably was kidney stones but that things had already worked their way through my system apparently, had three more IV bags of fluid, used the bathroom successfully for the first time in 12 hours, and shortly after that my Mom arrived (fastest train trip ever!) and I got discharged.

And that's what I did yesterday. The hospital took very good care of me, and once the pain medication kicked in, I was perfectly happy to hang out and be wheeled around as needed. I'm not really looking forward to the bills from all this - naturally my body waited until THREE DAYS AFTER my health insurance ran out to pull this little stunt - but we'll deal with that when it happens.
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I'd give you a more eloquent title but that's pretty much what just happened to me.

So I'm taking a nap, due to reasons of not sleeping really last night. Angel comes out from under the bed and still, after three years of doing this, thinks that I'm going to let her hang out with me when I'm trying to sleep, I carry her out of the room, etc etc status quo.

Then I hear the buzzing.

Now I will remind my readers that for half of my life thus far, I lived with the certainty that I was going to be an entomologist when I grew up. All I wanted to do when I was seven or so was to go to the Amazon rainforest, and discover bugs that had never been discovered before. The highlight of my young life was impressing the entomologists on hand at the Smithsonian bug zoo to the point that they up and invited me into the back rooms and showed me drawers and drawers and drawers of specimens. I had a bugbox and was known to pick up slugs and save bumblebees from puddles of water with no fear whatsoever. What I'm saying is that I like bugs and I know a lot about them.

Also, I attended college at St. Mary's in Southern Maryland where, also in attendance, are carpenter bees. Carpenter bees, for those who have not had the pleasure, look like hugeass bumblebees, but are solitary and like to nest in round bores that they chew into wood. Hence the name. Carpenter bees are highly territorial, but by and large actually very friendly to people, and can hover in the air like fat, impossible Hueys.

While at St. Mary's, for my final project I created a graphic novel called Apoidia about a girl who wins a vacation outside reality and brings something back with her, and gets mobbed by damned bees. They kill her cat. So really what I'm saying is that I know a LOT about bees.

I still screamed like a girl. )
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Well, it's taken a few days to post this, but it needed some processing and there were a few people I needed to tell who should not have the first they hear of it be my friggin' livejournal. Anyway. I've been laid off. I have full salary and benefits through the end of April.

While this did come as something of a surprise, it's not actually that shocking, considering that, though I nominally work for several companies at the office, one of them is declaring bankruptcy and the others depend on stocks for their income, and therefore none of them are making a dime at the moment. Being the general go-to girl but not the CEO's assistant, I'm the logical corner to cut. Honestly, I like the folks at the office a great deal, and I know that none of will be happy to see me go.

Possibly more importantly, I've been talking about packing up and getting out of there for over a year now - I really have no desire to be an office bunny for the rest of my life. I'm just incredibly lazy and tend not to do things unless I have a deadline imposed on me from the outside. Well, reality has apparently decided to be helpful.

I have a few job leads, nothing solid yet, and am looking into either starting gradschool or, since it's late in the application process at this point, taking nonmatriculated courses which will count toward my major later. I'm going to go to every doctor possible within this month, since current health package is quite good. We'll see how things look around the 25th.

Today I'm going to head back into the office and continue tidying for a few hours, since lawd do I have a lot of paper-piles to go through, and stuff to clear out. I'm trying to make it so that Tuesday is my last day, so that I can say my goodbyes and swan off to weekly gaming session and have that be the end of it. We'll see.

All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.
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----------------------- 9:58 am -----------------------
i spy slytherin: Tod now zen is sick! D:
i spy slytherin: Blair called to say that she isn't breathing through her nose and that she can't walk
i spy slytherin: So I am waiting for a bus to take me home.
---------------------- 10:03 am ----------------------
Only Straw: Oh god
i spy slytherin: Yes. It is not a good time for cats.
i spy slytherin: I think the nose thing is probably a sinus infection/cold and all the cats probably have it. The walking I have no idea.

So yes. Now that Angel's bum is almost completely healed, it's Zen's turn.

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So. Nice little slip in my mailbox last night informing me that "papers have been sent" and "filed in court" and that said papers are "asking this court to evict you from your residence" and that if I haven't seen these papers yet I should totally go get them.1 And some stuff. I assume that it is the landlord that is making this request and not the actual papers, as papers are not self-aware and cannot themselves ask anything of anyone.

Which explains what that OTHER slip from two days ago about mail I need to pick up from the post office is about. Because of COURSE I am not there to sign for certified mail during business ours you tits, I have a job.2

So of course I knew that this would be coming, but of course there was also that part of me that really REALLY hoped that the four months of noncontact would continue, and we could all walk away from this without any mess. Oh silly me.

I've gotten the contact info of a good tenant lawyer from a friend and have sent him an email.

It's just...we've had no eviction notices posted. Nothing. No calls, just this court thing out of the blue. Most people I talk to who have had a situation anything like this got notices on their door but no court order of any kind. It doesn't add up. Maybe he's trying to scare or bully me, but if so, why actually take me to court? I mean...unless there's an eviction notice in the mail (I have some waiting at the post office, I must remember), according to the State Attourney General, the judge can dismiss the case based on improper service. I mean, he's CLEARLY in violation of the Warranty of Habitability and Duty to Repair as stated in the NYC Tenant's Bill of Rights.

I just... what is this man doing?

1. Please note that this does NOT mean that I have been evicted. Just that the process has been begun. Why he's doing this in September when the lease is up in November anyway, I'm not really sure. And FOUR MONTHS after we stopped paying. I mean...honestly. Arg.

2. Which also explains why I have not picked up said mail.


Aug. 28th, 2007 03:12 am
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General updates include:
- Actively looking for apartments now, because Joe's got the keys to his new place. Woo hoo!
- Gonna run a Changeling: the Lost game. Yes RUN it. WOO!

And now the bit I know you've all been waiting for, THE CONTINUING DELIGHT OF MY BATHROOM, here with a technically advanced sequential presentation! :O Come, friends, let us observe the decay.

That little "nosegay" of mushrooms? Well they mostly kinda dried up and died...and then they didn't.

The devolution of a ceiling.

NEW GROWTH. WE HAVE NEW GROWTH! ...Aww, they're kinda cute, actually.

(Note the empty wall in the second and third pictures, indicating me yanking our stuff the heck out of there.)

And here's what I look like at this point! (Note, the Abby in that picture is taller than she appears. The mirror is all tilty.)

Oh deary me...
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Ahahaha, oh my friends. My friends, there are no words. I can only show you this delight to which I returned home this evening.

First I noticed this:

"What is it?" I wondered, as, no doubt, do you. "Is it a nut? Is it a big fat beetle butt? What can it be?"


Oh YES, my friends. Those are EXACTLY what they look like, growing, completely of their own volition, OUT OF MY THRICE-BLESSED WALL.

I laugh. I laugh for two reasons. First, mushrooms are cute and I like them. Two, THERE IS NO WAY. NO WAY AT ALL. THAT THE LANDLORD CAN CONCEIVABLY WORM HIS WAY OUT OF THIS. I have mushrooms growing out of my wall.

That first mushroom?
It grew in the two hours it took us to pub.
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Well, it's far too long coming but at about noon I left a message with my landlord with an ultimatum: Call me back by the end of the day or I'm filing a complaint with the city. Yes, friends, that issue I mentioned A MONTH AGO? Absolutely nothing has been done for us. It's 3:30. You have two and a half hours, you bastard. >:|

Between that, Tacita, and people who like to use twice the volume of packing peanuts to ship an item, I am not in the best mood. HOWEVER, I am going to see Order of the Phoenix at midnight with Blair, so that's one heck of a light at the end of the tunnel.

Dana, Thursday, I hope wherever you are you get to see it and have a good time. This is my subtle hint. Behold its glory.

And now, one memeydingey! )
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Quick update: Life good, weather gorgeous. I've taken to walking from Columbus Circle to work, rather than going down and taking the E. Because the E at rush hour requires a quality of zen-like calm that I am fully capable of, but which no one (sane or otherwise) would seek out if there was a better option.

Purpose of post: Last time I posted about the apartment, it was bugs. Happily, those are all gone, praise your diety of choice. THIS time I'm posting about a problem that has been ongoing since moving into the place - the pipes in the bathroom.

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head... )

So yes. This will be a fun telephone conversation.
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Welllll I've had a Day.

So, let us begin with the good. The good is that I have tomorrow off, and this weekend I get to meet some wonderful ladies that I've known online for some time, for the first time in person. This is v. exciting and I'm looking forward to it keenly.

Now for the bad. Ben's room has bedbugs in it. This is not the end of the world but has shot me straight through horrified and into a sort of calm, understated rage. My beloved parents do not like it when I use such taboo words as fuck, so we shall curse in a civilized manner. Puss dripping son of a one-legged syphillitic whore. Yes, indeed.

On the other hand, now I bloody well HAVE to clean my room out, so perhaps I'll use this as an opportunity to get a new bed and get things rearranged the way I've wanted them to be for a little while now.

Back to the hand we started with, this may mean that I will need to spend my day off at home waiting for the exterminator to come give the room in question a look-see. I don't know yet.

And now, in a fit of utterly sublime timing: the adorable. Rather than a basket, my afore-mentioned parents have sent me the most delightful Easter gift. I received very carefully packaged and padded a small box labelled "Suedy's Koo-ki Sushi." At this point I am naturally grinning, and got to laughing when I opened it up.
It contains: )

Mom, Dad, thank you. And now I am going to go eat my lunch, which (also entirely coincidentally) is salmon teriyaki with actual sushi, read some comics left over from yesterday, and meditate on how all the little wonderful things in my life always seem to come together when things get tough.

I still don't know what I did in my past lives to get this one, but oh please let me be doing it again!
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Dear life,

Hello, how are you? I've really enjoyed getting to know you so far, and am looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you. Towards this end, I have a few suggestions that might help both of us get along better, because I can't help but notice things being a little off between us lately.

First, I would like to point out that, while I try to be a patient and intelligent person, placing me with a company where I am alternately expected to sit and do precisely nothing one second and then decipher complex, near-telepathic codes from a man who is either a very humane troll or an extremely trollish human is really pushing it. And not in the good way. I can only assume that you are testing me either on my fortitude of patience or the extent of my stupidity re: how long I put up with this crap. If I could just get a hint on which of these two it really is, that'd be great, and I'll adjust my plans accordingly. I can be both very patient and very stupid, just to let you know.

I also cannot help but notice the unusual number of surprises we've been experiencing recently. Good surprises such as seeing Carmen, being told I might get to go see the premier of Goblet of Fire, and even the chance to go with a friend to see a play tonight are wonderful. However, surprises like being told today that I need to bring roughly $3,000 in cash to a meeting with my landlord tomorrow morning and that my ex-boyfriend and roommate are getting married out of the blue can throw one for quite a loop. Having all of this happen along with a very stressful time at work has really strained our relationship.

I'm not going anywhere, life, don't worry about that. I'm with you for the long haul. But given my family's history, I thought I'd point out that the long haul isn't going to be very long if this pace keeps up. Heck, I nearly had an aneurism in my boss's office a little while ago.

Now, on my end, I recognize that there are a number of things I could do to improve our dynamic, such as exercise and clean my room more. I should also get my butt in gear and get organized, which will help cut down on the chaos. Also, I want to really and truly thank you for hooking me up with some wonderful friends and family this time around, who do so much to keep me sane and happy no matter what happens. (Clue me in on what I did in my last incarnation to deserve them, 'cause boy-howdy do I want them on the next go, too!) I'm trying to give back as good as I get, also.

So that's about it here, life. In summary: Let's figure our crap out and have some chill time. Sound good? I'll keep my ear to the ground and my eyes to heaven.




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