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Things that have happened to me today:

1) I won free candy from the vending machine at the office. Apparently vending machines have the ability to decide I am a winner, and act accordingly. Awesome.

2) My father has acquired a camera phone, which he has used to send me a picture of his turkey. It looks bigger than the dog was. I've asked that for his next trick, he send me a picture of mom's face when she sees it. If there's one thing Mom was definitely missing from her quasi-neoclassical design story for their house, it was a stuffed tom turkey with a three foot diameter. The taxidermist freeze-dried the head, guys. My dad has got to be careful to keep his dead turkey head out of the rain, okay?

3) I discovered that a fellow I went to college with has been incarcerated on charges relating to child pornography. There's a picture of him on the state's registered sex offenders website. What the hell.
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On the other hand, screw turkey. Blair's making salmon! >:D

Thing's I'm Thankful For:
1) My family
2) My friends
3) The internet
4) Puppets <--new one!
5) A great chance at a new job
6) Cardboard boxes and cats who like to hop into them
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I love this clip on so many levels!

Oh man. I miss the halcyon days of Sesame Street... These days it's just not the same.

O hi

Feb. 20th, 2008 10:48 am
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Time for a bit of a babble. I've neglected this journal for a while now, a sure sign that I'm not feeling very up on what's going on in my life, but we've come out of the slump again, so hello. Lupercalia, four cats in my apartment, living beyond my means, and Alastair Reynolds writes some good sci-fi. La.

Mostly I want to give major props to my pal [ profile] isaaceverett, who performed last night at Crash Mansion downtown in celebration of the release of his new album. The music had a great classic rock vibe, and there was some serious talent up there performing. I especially liked the lead - she looked great, sounded fantastic, and carried the show extremely well. As for content, I'm an extremely easy going person when it comes to spirituality, and it's very encouraging to see a movement in the church of people embracing the groovier side of the Christian message. Judgmentalism and exclusivity and Bible-beating in general are not the point, folks, and it's easy to forget that there are plenty of Christians who don't go in for that nonsense.

I'm also going to talk more about roleplaying here, as it's become my main hobby and the fact that I do NOT talk about it in this journal has lead to me rarely posting in here at all. Roleplayers have a negative public image, but it's stupid to let opinions formed by gossip and extreme stereotypes stop me from talking about something that I find inspiring, thought-provoking, and a hell of a lot of fun. I spent most of my childhood "playing pretend" with my head in the clouds, and am quite happy to report no singificant changes now that I am in my adulthood.

More musings thisaway )

And all manner of thing is behovely.
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Well, I know I've been quiet, happens, you're all used to it by now.

I'm breaking the silence because I am frankly AGOG at the story I just read about a British spinster librarian whose home was discovered to contain about $8 million in lost art treasures INCLUDING missing pieces of a Fra Angelica altarpiece, a Rosetti, and a rare edition of Chaucer so big she kept it in a wardrobe. Dana, Viv, I know you're with me on the shear adjfalsdfjsadjfWHAT involved here.

In other news, my cat was sick for most of the month with an upper respiratory thing, the worst part of which, as far as we both were concerned, was the medicine she didn't want to take and which gave her additional tummy trouble. She is better now and we're repairing the strain in our relationship. Puffy, talkative thing.

Saturday is GRE day. Which is mildly terrifying. (Because I'm frequently asked, the GREs are basically SATs for grad school, only actually easier because they do not expect you to know much math. I'd been worried about graphing calculators when I just needed to brush up on fractions.) Don't ask me for further details like which program I'm getting into, because I do not know and haven't actually applied to any. Flail. I actually made a journal to talk about academic stuff: [ profile] blogically, which only has one entry in it because I am very good at ignoring things I'm worried about in the hopes that they will go away.

Also, I got one of these, so that I can more easily watch the TV shows that I get on my computer. The screen is gooooorgeous, and I got a refurbished one for less than $200. I think I'm going to keep my iPod, because trying to get the ZOMGPROTECTEDD music into mp3 format is more bother than I'm willing to go through at the moment. Also, the iPod fits in my pocket, which the Vision does not. I have named the Vision "Lu-Tze", because it amuses me to do so. Also I cannot call it "the Zen" because that is the name of my cat.
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[ profile] colubra nearly killed me with this today, and so I must share: If TS Eliot was written by LOLcats.

I swear to God, I have not laughed so hard since the "Everybody Looks Like Max Today" incident of aught-05.

ETA: Bad decisions in marketing history.
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In the grand tradition of designating days to the observance of fuck-all, today is Cephalopod Awareness Day.

My contribution to the observance of this day is something that I actually think many of you will find useful: a shop on Etsy specializing in some sincerely awesome ties:

Other, non-molluscoid favorites include Key-Argyle and the Slytherinsidious Snakes On A Tie.

This weekend I finished assembling some furniture, aided in one particularly ornery case by a stack of National Geographic magazines and some strategically placed tape. Also, if you can use a powerdrill without at least feeling the urge to cackle like a mad scientist, your inner child needs some serious therapy. Said therapy might best take the form of grabbing the nearest power tool and letting out a laugh that could scare the fur off a cat.


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