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So perhaps a post? It's been what, four months?

Real Life Things

1) I am almost-but-not-yet-actually-but-really-probably-for-sure-this-time permanently employed in the Psych department of City College. It's nice here.

2) People who are getting married in the near and not-so-near future include two of my close friends here in NYC, and my sister and I approve of both of these unions. I approve of them x 1,000 each.

3) I am torn between the need to eat better and exercise and my great love of comfort food and comfort living. Oh, metabolism of my youth, how I pine for thee!

4) Roommate and I are taking our extra cat to BARC asap. Buddy the marmalade tom is a most excellent cat with a fine Edward Gorey profile, but we just don't have the room and the other cats hate him (this is more their fault than his - our girl cats are weeeird) so it must be done. We should have done it a year ago, but leaving him at a shelter where he won't be cared for and will eventually be killed wasn't something we could live with.

Roleplaying Things

1) I am totally going to NEW ORLEANS for the big Cam convention this year guys. It's going to be wicked awesome, and I am being so careful in saving for it and buying things in steps, you don't even know. >:|

2) I am seriously considering getting theatrical makeup and platform shoes to make myself look more like a chimp/yeti for this convention. I also want a new ball gown. I also want a pony and a million dollars and a time machine.

3) I am sooo ready for my Masquerade character to be approved for play. I'm torn between being patient and pestering the ST. On the one hand, the guy has been unbelievably busy at work and I feel for him, but on the other hand, I need him to pay attention for three hot seconds so that I can pretend to be a horrible old monster made of ooky shadow tentacles and disdain!


On-Line RP Things

1) There's something in me that just can't muster any interest in general nexus games right now, even though basically everyone I love playing with is on one nexus or another. I need more structure than that atm, I guess.

2) I apped a stupid anime character at C&C, AND I AM NOT ASHAMED.

3) /waits patiently for Humanity RP to start. :3

Aaand so that's it. HELLO INTERNET HOW ARE YOU
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Dude, guys, wtf is this llama thing on DA?

Also there has been too much rl stuff going on for me to brain Taxon. I will try to work on this.
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But first, a meme:

What sort of character traits/types do you associate with me?
What sort of characters would you challenge me to play?

1) Ars Magica: The best ever, even if sessions keep getting cancelled. My early-Summer Bear Bjornaer now has a big crush on a late-Autumn Flambeau who's going to get himself KILLED trying to become Primus. Eeexcellent.
2) Mage: I took a big risk with my character recently and while I now have no idea what's going to happen from session to session, I'm really excited to have no idea what's going to happen from session to session. I have session tonight and I have no idea what's going to happen! YAY!
3) Nobilis: I would like moar. SUCH DARK TEMPTATION, allowing me to cameo, last session. (I am trying not to be annoying about this, and probably failing.)

1) Requiem: Trucking along, trucking along. My little Ordo Nos keeps getting cookies for being competent and extremely nosy.
2) Changeling: I'm going to get my Ogre through Spring and then probably bring in a new character. I like her, but she's just not doing anything.
3) Mage: They made me Hierarch, and then I got busy. Crap.
5) Masquerade: I am totally making a Lasombra Antitribu Elder, you guys. It's going to be EPIC.

1) Taxon: Lizardy-vampire is as pleased and outraged as ever, but atm I have no idea what is going on in the comm. THERE IS A HOUSE PARTY PLOT. THINGS ARE HAPPENING WHAT ARE THEY. One day I will finish Kurt's app. One day.
2) Anything other than Taxon: There isn't anything other than Taxon.

AND THAT'S IT. I guess I should go write something on my RL journal. Ever. Ahem.


Nov. 6th, 2008 07:13 pm
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i ship it.

▎comment to the post linked above with your username.
▎your friends will reply to your thread with someone who they see as your lj soulmate---it can be someone that you're close with, aren't as close with, or don't even have added yet. use this as an opportunity to make new friends if you want~
▎if someone before you replies with the person who you were going to choose, you may say "second, etc." but then try to suggest someone different too.
▎anonymous is on, but if i sniff out any wank then expect the thread to be deleted or comments to be frozen.
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Another chatlog of my intrepid Ars Magica character interacting with the nexus. One of the GMs expressed a great deal of glee at the last one, so Jess, this is for you. Good thing you read fast, 'cause there were LOTS more characters in the chat this time. SPARTANs and unicorns and magicing yourself unconscious, oh my!


ALSO there is this new Lowe's commercial that is FULL OF GIANT GRIZZLY BEAR, because reality loves me. :D


Feb. 1st, 2008 04:21 pm
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So this meme went around, and it's a pretty good idea. I've got a HECK of a lot of pups, and am looking to re-do my userinfo anyway, so tell me:

1. Which pups would you vote that I not retire?
2. Which pups do you think it would be a good idea to retire?
3. Are there any pups/journalnames you'd like to take over?

Do I really have this many pups? Yes, yes I do )
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Ooo tired. Note to self: post log of convo from last night re: McCarthyism on the Internets.

I'm getting a looot of good rp lately. On the RL front, I couldn't be enjoying Ars Magica more, and I'm looking forward to regular session on Tuesday after two weeks of downtime preludes. On LJ, SURPRISE AWESOMENESS for [ profile] unwearied_fire, who's a joy to play. Blessings! Space ships! Unwitting priestesses! It's good to be a god. On IRC, [ profile] im_in_zane has been having a ball, which is great. Huzzah for successful reboots! There's also been plot for [ profile] allican_take (sullen Kurt is sullen) and a new pup who will need a journal.

I'd started a current-616 Kurt at [ profile] milliways_bar but have fallen off that horse until I get the latest issues. That place is fast-paced!

If only I could do all this AND sleep...

Also, a survey thing.

OH! AND! Season two of Torchwood rocks my face. That is all.
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Been playing around with insanejournal. Thus far I have learned that CSS overrides for LJ styles do not work very well in IJ, even when you're careful and go through and change the lj-specific codes. This is frustrating.

I don't know guys. I just don't know. I like it here.
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I made [ profile] loltrekkers. Because it hadn't been made yet, and that's a crime.

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So I feel super-cool this morning because I kicked some major RP butt yesterday!

Cut for rp talk ) APPARENTLY I CAN ST. Rock.

And tonight, not-DnD roleplaying in the real world, even!
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Other people, feel free to ignore. People who rp with me on the internets, specifically with the bigger fuzzy elf, there are some musings this way that I would appreciate your thoughts on. Thanks!
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Well gang, I'm heading home from the office. I make no promises as to whether I will be up for rp or even online period when I get home. Chances are strong that I will just fall into a death-like slumber. Perhaps I will wake tomorrow. Perhaps the next day. Perhaps not for a hundred years, oooOOOooo.

Vorko, Hats and Sky, I'm sorry, I know we have stuff pending. :/
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LJ State of the Union

Snape: AHAHAHA. Woot! I totally got good rp'ers rocked. <3!
Madeline: Loves me. And you. And especially Lorne. It's nice to re-discover a character.
Zane: ... >__>
Kurt: Had a bit of a quiet time with him, but things are picking up again. If he doesn't get his furry hide perforated! And much love to Sofie for the fun we have behind the scenes! <3
Merv: Ohhh yeah. I should keep doing stuff with him.
Otto: I love this guy. Hope he fits into the PrIME collage well!

PrIME: ALL OF YOU ARE AWESOME! :D Also, we need more student pups. :o I am still thinking about Lil!Kurt, but that promises to be an emotional rollercoaster I just don't think I'm up for.

RL State of the Union

Gloria Mundi: Last story arc. ...Ok, people in NY? With the exception of Joe, Shawn and Mel, I have never interacted with any of you when you were NOT playing Gloria Mundi, or otherwise met any of you except through the players thereof. Think about that. There is a part of me that understands New York City as being made of tall buildings, subways, bodegas and Gloria Mundi.
Orpheus: Well. It was fun while it lasted.
7th Sea: WOW this game is fun! And I have so much pirate music now because of it! My character, for those of you who read Pratchett, is heavily influenced by the human-ified Greebo, fugliest old bastard you ever met.
Nobilis: I miss you, Nobilis!
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RL RP Things: 7th Sea is friggin' awesome. I have immersed myself in piratey songs, because if you're going to do something on a boat in the middle of nowhere, you might as well do it while singing.

LJ RP Things: Well. I started a comm. And DANG it's going well so far! Huzzah to excellent co-mods! Huzzah to the craziest gang of staffmembers a school could ask for. And soon *drumroll* students. Huzzah!

My Valentinr - tsukechick
Get your own valentinr
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Ohhh I have a cold. Sorry to everyone (ESPECIALLY SOFIE) who has been tagging me, but my pups are blocked by a wall of mucus, and I will probably zonk out as soon as I get home. Focusing on the screen is hard. D:

ALSO: Dude, wtf is up with the friggin RELEASE FORM one must now fill out in order to buy a thing of sudafed? They all but asked for my fingerprint! For sudafed!!!

Also, I think this means that I win, right? )
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SO! Here's what's going on in my imaginary lives:

Snape: Hanging out. Snarking. Like you do. Snape at this point is just around for me to have an occasional bit of fun with.

Zane: Stuff is going on with the little woman. I need to login with him more because of this stuff. This stuff will also affect Sev.

Big!Kurt: Puttering along just fine, good rp is happening, I'm pleased to have him because he is made of fuzz and happiness. There is plot in the wings which I don't know if we'll be able to do due to lack of one particular player, so a way to work around that would be good.

Little!Kurt: Holding pattern.

The Merovingian: My frenchman brings all the boys to the yard, and he's like wtf DO NOT MESS UP MY HOUSE. This is MY house the only one allowed to mess it up is me! Fucking devil gods. (Twins: play messenger pidgeons, have sex with redheads. Life is good.)

Officer Wagner: Gets to go skiing! :D :D :D And possibly heavily hit on by a Russian spy. :\ :\ :\

Anthony: Is being damned antisocial. Whiiich I guess is ok, but I have Things to Do with him. Like talk to Nik and then Teddy.

Rafael: Is awesome. <3
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Roles I play:
Severii - Snape ([ profile] slytherin_spy), young!Snape ([ profile] bottled_dream), MAHS!non-Snape ([ profile] callmeanthony who has only existed for a day anyway).
Pard-ners - Zane ([ profile] im_in_zane), Cory ([ profile] echo_down)
Beths - Regular!Beth ([ profile] manythreads, MAHS!Beth ([ profile] many_threads)
Kurts - Regular/Tenebrae!Kurt ([ profile] bettern_errol), UltiKurt ([ profile] allican_take and "his" lj [ profile] mr_durchgehen), MAHS!non-Kurt ([ profile] officer_wagner)
Miscellany - Madeline Prince ([ profile] madeline_prince), Pinters n' Rags ([ profile] stoprubbinit), P. elegans ([ profile] a_cuddlefish), The Merovingian ([ profile] meroveus_inhel)

Which of my characters:
1. Is your favorite?
2. Is your least favorite?
3. Has the best PB choice? Or icons?
4. Has the worst PB choice? Or icons?
5. Would you not miss if I killed?
6. Would you harm me if I killed?
7. Would you consider dating/sleeping with?
8. Would you likely get in a fist fight with?
9. Would you probably be friends with?
10. Should I play more?
11. Should I play less?

Are any of my characters:
12. Considered datable by yours?
13. Considered friends by yours?
14. Considered enemies by yours?
15. Looked up to by yours?
16. Looked down on by yours?

Yoinked from Mudsmun.


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