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So I have yet to post my reaction to the book. I will do so soon, in appropriately exuberant language, but first I want to talk about Snape. )
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Have book. Read aloud back and forth with Joe. Up to Chapter 15. So tired got the hiccups...sleep, yes.
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Quick non-spoilery review of Order of the Phoenix:

An excellent interpretation. It had everything in it that needed to be in it, and a lot of what happened was much more intense seeing it than it was reading about it. Which is exactly what a movie should do, I think.

Well done!

*passes out*
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Well, it's far too long coming but at about noon I left a message with my landlord with an ultimatum: Call me back by the end of the day or I'm filing a complaint with the city. Yes, friends, that issue I mentioned A MONTH AGO? Absolutely nothing has been done for us. It's 3:30. You have two and a half hours, you bastard. >:|

Between that, Tacita, and people who like to use twice the volume of packing peanuts to ship an item, I am not in the best mood. HOWEVER, I am going to see Order of the Phoenix at midnight with Blair, so that's one heck of a light at the end of the tunnel.

Dana, Thursday, I hope wherever you are you get to see it and have a good time. This is my subtle hint. Behold its glory.

And now, one memeydingey! )
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Back in de office. Tiredy.

I've said before that I'd rather be with my friends than sleep...but I fail to take into account that my friends don't have to get up and do things in the morning, and thus they get a lot more sleep than me.

I need to do more HP art. Because the masses like it and I crave the praise. CRAVE IIIIT!!!!
Also, I draw Snape with little to no provocation.

SO! Towards that end, I invite people to make requests. Thursday. Dana. BUT PLEASE, if your request might possibly contain a spoiler, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY.
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Yaaay free day.


Some Snape heads. (NO spoilers)

Of Course I Will. (SPOILER - HBP Chapter 2)

Snape's Rage! (SPOILER - HBP Ending)

The last one is the good one.

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Jul. 15th, 2005 02:34 pm
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Did anyone else know about this?

Today, I am "Serdaigle Exécutif" as I have business clothes in quasi-Ravenclaw colors. Because you know I was going to dress up somehow. :-)

Went and looked at bicycles at lunch. Seems that bikes with gears are about $100 more than "cruisers" (which have no gears or handle-squeezy brakes). Honestly...I'm torn. I mean, I intend to use the bike in the city, so I don't really need to have crazy extras, but what if I go camping and want to bring it?



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