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Well, it's taken a few days to post this, but it needed some processing and there were a few people I needed to tell who should not have the first they hear of it be my friggin' livejournal. Anyway. I've been laid off. I have full salary and benefits through the end of April.

While this did come as something of a surprise, it's not actually that shocking, considering that, though I nominally work for several companies at the office, one of them is declaring bankruptcy and the others depend on stocks for their income, and therefore none of them are making a dime at the moment. Being the general go-to girl but not the CEO's assistant, I'm the logical corner to cut. Honestly, I like the folks at the office a great deal, and I know that none of will be happy to see me go.

Possibly more importantly, I've been talking about packing up and getting out of there for over a year now - I really have no desire to be an office bunny for the rest of my life. I'm just incredibly lazy and tend not to do things unless I have a deadline imposed on me from the outside. Well, reality has apparently decided to be helpful.

I have a few job leads, nothing solid yet, and am looking into either starting gradschool or, since it's late in the application process at this point, taking nonmatriculated courses which will count toward my major later. I'm going to go to every doctor possible within this month, since current health package is quite good. We'll see how things look around the 25th.

Today I'm going to head back into the office and continue tidying for a few hours, since lawd do I have a lot of paper-piles to go through, and stuff to clear out. I'm trying to make it so that Tuesday is my last day, so that I can say my goodbyes and swan off to weekly gaming session and have that be the end of it. We'll see.

All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.
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Or: The Ongoing Struggle of a Twentysomething Seeking a Reality to Substitute For Her Own.

I cannot help but notice that I've been getting successively further and further away from doing anything like what I went to school for, what I want to do, and what I am actually good at with each successive job, and that needs to stop, my friends. Grad school has been an idea that's been bouncing around for a few years now, but one that has yet to pan out for what is actually quite a good reason: poor planning and not knowing WHY I want to go, other than that I should.

So Friday night something clicked somewhere between my heart and my head and I figured it out. Where, how and when, are still hazy, but I've got a fairly clear path, small steps to achieve the longer journey made more clear by having that vital why formed.

Notes to self are behind cut. )

In other news, last week I got a call from the city that someone was going to come by to inspect the apartment (again), only this time it will be a thorough job in order to write up an estimate for some contractors from the city to come in and fix things.

What this means in the long run? Let's find out together, shall we?

I keep looking at my bank account and freaking out, and then reminding myself that I haven't poked my roommates for utility checks for two months. And, as this is summertime, those are some considerable checks.

Oh life. When are we gonna get it together, you and I? One wonders if taking out a bunch of loans that could otherwise be used to buy a small country (I hear Liechtenstein is actually quite nice in the spring) in order to go back to school would be considered grabbing the bull by the horns or running the heck away? Screw you hippies, I'm using the bull TO escape.


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