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  • 02:11 @ruhl3001 Thanks, Unca Bob. :) Man, you're up late! Uhl Clan night owls, unite? #
  • 02:15 - THIS is how we play Monopoly in NYC: a stegosaurus on a Federation Badge and as many kinds of dice as we WANT ... #
  • 03:11 @teek I would argue this "fleet" but BB is going >:D way too hard in my head. #
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Two posts in one day? MADNESS.

However, the Lupercalia pics from this year are starting to trickle

I had a lovely evening. How lovely? Top hat and waistcoat lovely. )

And lest you fear that I was not also fancy... )

There are other pictures, but perhaps those will be for another post. ;)
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Ooo too early in the AM. It's 5:30 and I've been awake for an hour and a half already. We were supposed to fly back to NY from Columbus last evening, but due to some EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE thunderstorms that have been lingering about, our flight was canceled.

Oh, right. I've been at Origins the past couple of days. It's been a total blast! The con's highs have been many and rewarding: on the rp side, I got to take a major role in the Nobilis larp, more or less junior GM, and heavens that was a successful game. Twenty players plus three extras, an hour of prep, and then from 9 until midnight it was in-character all the way, and the quality of acting, storytelling and improvisation was fantastic. I also participated in a Changeling larp (new edition) which was interesting. Certainly more stilted than the Nobilis game, it was still a darn good time, though I certainly might be biased by being awarded this book for my rp. Mwaha!

On a personal side, I met scads of wonderful people. [ profile] rscott had befriended a local group of like-minded geeks last year, and they were kind enough to pick us up from the airport and put some of our group up at their home. It seemed that I wasn't going to be hanging out with them much, as I was staying with [ profile] kleenestar and [ profile] maastrictian (THANK YOU THANK YOU), but got to know them better during our unexpectedly extended stay last night. This, I consider to be a great bonus, as they are long-time Changeling fans (old edition) and just generally delightful. Also there was a cherubic monkey of a 2-year old girl. Not yet talking quite, but certainly a lot of fun.

And, of course, I got to spend time with [ profile] thursdaystgiles and [ profile] envinoveritas, which I enjoyed more than I can say. Trips to Japan and Jeeves & Wooster and puppy dogs! I'll have more on that later, but we're being boarded now.


Jun. 21st, 2008 09:29 pm
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Well, [ profile] doroc_sabah is off and away, I have had a nap, and now I'm hungry. So is mah kitteh who is chilling with me on my couch here. Bein' puffy. That is the current state of affairs in my little pocket of the universe, and I thought you all should know. These are facts!

Journal re-design and re-naming. I think I like this one.

In wider news, I will not say that my interview yesterday went stunningly well, in that they did not fall to their knees and welcome me with great praise, but I am cautiously optimistic nonetheless. I should hear back in a week or so, which is just enough time to go to Origins, huzzah.
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Hello! Well, I finally have stuff to talk about other than random sleep-deprived rantings.

First, visits!
One of my imaginary internet friends [ profile] doroc_sabah is visiting from Scotland. I'm very glad that the hot weather has broken, as the past few days have been perfect for wandering around the city. We've seen the Met, of course, and the Natural History Museum, watched the Hulk, wandered around Central Park, and spent time with [ profile] mephron, Normie whose LJ I don't know, [ profile] deconcentrate, [ profile] rscott, [ profile] maastrictian, [ profile] kleenestar, [ profile] immaculatepizza, [ profile] isaaceverett, [ profile] widdershawns and various others who are sans journals. This has been a lot of fun, not only because I get to meet a smart, funny young man in the flesh, but it has given me the opportunity to look at my city and my friends through fresh eyes. I heart NY. Happily, thus far, Bob does too, if his frequent exclamations of "I love it here!" are any indication. You're welcome any time, Bobo. ;)

And then, job.
Arg employment arg. As nice as it has been having months of just larking about as I please, rent, bills, loans, eating foods, capitalist society, reality, etc, etc, you know the drill. At the moment I am gainfully unemployed, however, and was bemused to learn that I get more weekly income from unemployment than Blair gets working at Border's. (Poor Blair. :/) Also, the uncertain future is terrible for my already terrible sleep habits.

The AWESOME news is that I've just gotten a call to interview at Columbia University, which would be IDEAL. It would be a return to ye olde secrettarieye nonsense, but this time with tuition reimbursement. Ho yez.

Finally, the future!
Next week I'll be in Columbus for Origins, so if any of you people happen to ALSO be going (or just live there, [ profile] envinoveritas and [ profile] thursdaystgiles) pipe up and we can meet up. I won't have a cent, but screw it, I'll have fun.

And then at the end of July I'll be back in Maryland for Elisa's wedding. Woo! I have a feeling I'll be Greyhounding or taking the Chinatown Express for that one. Oh cheap and sketchy transit options, how many years has it been? Too few? Yes yes.
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So. Night before last I spent in the bathroom vomiting and trying to deal with some really impressive pain in the lower right area of my back. (Some of you may already know where I'm going with this now.) At about 10, I decided that I really needed my stomach lining to stay where it was, got myself in a cab and went to Mount Sinai hospital to check myself in because kidney stones are no fun. About an hour after getting in there, I was hooked up to the first IV I've ever had (wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be), drinking from a bag, and starting to relax as the pain and anti-nausea meds kicked in. I owe [ profile] rscott and my rommate big time for coming down and keeping my bedraggled hide company.

I discovered an interesting side effect to IVs - you get REALLY COLD! My body sucked up the fluid solution like a sponge, but the solution was well below room temperature, so I ended up shivering for a good while under blankets and our jackets. I got a CAT scan, which was interesting, was told that yes it probably was kidney stones but that things had already worked their way through my system apparently, had three more IV bags of fluid, used the bathroom successfully for the first time in 12 hours, and shortly after that my Mom arrived (fastest train trip ever!) and I got discharged.

And that's what I did yesterday. The hospital took very good care of me, and once the pain medication kicked in, I was perfectly happy to hang out and be wheeled around as needed. I'm not really looking forward to the bills from all this - naturally my body waited until THREE DAYS AFTER my health insurance ran out to pull this little stunt - but we'll deal with that when it happens.

O hi

Feb. 20th, 2008 10:48 am
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Time for a bit of a babble. I've neglected this journal for a while now, a sure sign that I'm not feeling very up on what's going on in my life, but we've come out of the slump again, so hello. Lupercalia, four cats in my apartment, living beyond my means, and Alastair Reynolds writes some good sci-fi. La.

Mostly I want to give major props to my pal [ profile] isaaceverett, who performed last night at Crash Mansion downtown in celebration of the release of his new album. The music had a great classic rock vibe, and there was some serious talent up there performing. I especially liked the lead - she looked great, sounded fantastic, and carried the show extremely well. As for content, I'm an extremely easy going person when it comes to spirituality, and it's very encouraging to see a movement in the church of people embracing the groovier side of the Christian message. Judgmentalism and exclusivity and Bible-beating in general are not the point, folks, and it's easy to forget that there are plenty of Christians who don't go in for that nonsense.

I'm also going to talk more about roleplaying here, as it's become my main hobby and the fact that I do NOT talk about it in this journal has lead to me rarely posting in here at all. Roleplayers have a negative public image, but it's stupid to let opinions formed by gossip and extreme stereotypes stop me from talking about something that I find inspiring, thought-provoking, and a hell of a lot of fun. I spent most of my childhood "playing pretend" with my head in the clouds, and am quite happy to report no singificant changes now that I am in my adulthood.

More musings thisaway )

And all manner of thing is behovely.
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Well another delightful Berkshires New Year is drawing to a close. Fun, food, friends and Castle Faulkenstein LARP has been had by all. Other highlights include sledding and building a sexy snowgeek, pictures to follow once I get some.

All in all, when I think back on the past two weekends, I couldn't be happier. I love you all.

Meme at Year's End )


Dec. 20th, 2007 12:31 pm
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Double Feature - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Check out this sweet T-shirt that my very good friend Rob made. That's his smokin' wife Amy in the picture there. Woo woo!

...So I should probably talk about myself too. Things are going along ok. I managed to fall and crush my knee pretty badly a few weeks ago, but nothing worth going to the hospital for. I'm still not very happy about having to go up and down stairs, but am otherwise fully ambulatory.

Thus far, the apartment has not caught on fire, even though some firetrucks visited the building and things looked alarming for a little while there, and the bathtub has clogged up, which we figured out the cause of and fixed. Fun times! I'm not sure how I went for four years with almost no major issues, and now all this. Oh, right. It all started about the time I became head of household in the various apartments. In any case, the place still looks great and I'm really happy to be living there.

Pop'll be rolling in around noon on Saturday and I have tickets to go see some holiday improv at the P.I.T. where I'll be taking classes. Right around the corner is Supermac, a macaroni 'n cheese themed restaurant so I anticipate a good night. ;)

I'll have Christmas in Maryland and take the train back on Tuesday (NO MORE FLYING) and then next weekend it's New Years at the House that Euclid Forgot in the Berkshire's which is going to be a blast and a half. WOO HOO HOLIDAYS!
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First: Friends, bibliophiles, lend us your vocabularies! Put your encyclopoedic minds to good use by donating rice for correctly defining words!

Well so far 26 is a fine age to be. Had a quiet, pleasant get together with friends where we watched anime and had birthdaysagna. It is important to note that while blowing out candles on a large pan of lasagna is a lot of fun, sticking candles into a hot dish and then lighting them is a very silly way to illustrate the old "burning at both ends" saw. ;P

I'm very excited about [ profile] kleenestar and [ profile] maastrictian's gift, improv classes at the studio where they've been learning! I have not done improv in any serious way since college, but I used to have a dang good time at it. This is long-form, or Harold Style improv, which we only attempted once or twice, so hopefully I'll be able to whip out a learning curve steep enough that I can be in the same class with them. Regardless, it's gonna be fun!

The 'rents are coming up again this weekend with another truckload, this time full of things like artwork and lamps and other bric-a-brac that have accrued over the years with no place to go. I HAVE PLACE NOW! THEY GO THERE! Which of course means that NEXT weekend we should have a sweet housewarming party. I'll keep you posted.
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Lawdy what a day. Work was heck, it just wouldn't quit being Monday. Between phone and coworkers, there was just nothing easy from start to finish. Then things got interesting, as [ profile] onlystraw had a half hour layover which turned into five hours when his bus was too full. So we stashed his stuff in my office, he went off to play in FAO Shwartz and Central Park, and then we went for deeelicious steak with [ profile] mephron. Ohhh love me some red meat. Tired and content, we saw each other off at about 10:15.

You'd think that'd be the end of the day, but then this is me, and this is New York City. Interesting was only starting.

I must have had my "talk to me" vibes on high, because I'd barely found a spot to wait for the train before a man standing next to me started a conversation. He was perhaps half a foot taller than I was, with coarse black skin, crooked teath and a ready smile. He'd left his wallet at home and was going back to get it, apparently, and had a duffel bag with him, and an odd coat of rough fabric dyed red in places and sewn with cowrie shells. We did not exchange names.

I will admit that big black men do make me nervous, slightly moreso than any other large strange man, and I was worried that at some point he was going to ask me for a date or my number, but apparently he just wanted to tell me about the fights he was in. He told me that he was in Last One Standing - a competition where men from America and England fight tribesmen and warriors from cultures all over the world. The one that survives the longest gets a large cash prize - which was the man's goal. He'd survived three fights so far, so he was guaranteed some prize money, but of course the big bucks are for the winner. I am a good, responsive listener, and he was certainly very animated and proud of his fights thus far, so it was extremely surreal but fairly pleasant. I heard about his fight with a Jamaican swordsman (Jamaican fighters can choose from a pile of a lot of different weapons - the man himself went for some hatchets), his fight with a very tall Indian (a wrestler who used a technique he described as being like a gorilla) and his greatest battle thus far: a Zulu warrior (who was surprisingly short but extremely fierce - he was certain that one was ready to kill him rather than lose).

I have no blessed clue if these stories are true or not - if he really is on Last One Standing, it's the coming season, as he's not on the site, but if it was a lie, it was a very involved and well-fabricated one. Regardless, I wish the man well.

Aaand now my computer is just up and shutting down out of nowhere. I've got a feeling it's a battery issue, as it doesn't seem to be charging properly. Nooot sure though.

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And what a day it has been! Well, not as exciting as Saturday and Sunday perhaps, but that's pretty much the best part about it. I went this morning and turned in the keys and the final payment and thus am DONE with ye olde mushroomarium. I definitely want to thank everyone who came out to lend a hand, though. You are all absolutely wonderful, and I don't know what we'd have done without you.

I'll get around to a bigger update soon. I'm still quite tired from everything, to the point that I'm abandoning sentences halfway through. For now, know that I love my new apartment, and that once we're done tidying and setting up, it's going to be gorgeous.
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As I apparently communicate events better in lists, a list!

1) New apartment is new! Old apartment is old. After some dissent, Mom has cleared up the What Color Are The Walls Really debate by dubbing them French Vanilla.

2) Free Ikea bus is free! ...and filled with everyone who lives in NYC evar. Dear Lord that store was a zoo. We didn't actually buy a thing at Ikea, but we came up with a Cunning Plan re: the things that will eventually be in my living room. With all-new furniture and all this lovely art that we've been stashing away at the ancestral home, including a black laquer folding screen, a bunch of woodblock prints, and a Miro, I am going to have some posh digs folks, so you must all come to my eventual housewarming party.

3) Court is stressful and boring at the same time. But things have been clarified, and I now know that I must pay all monies by Friday (aack!) and we must all be up and gone by Sunday (aack again!) but mostly that next Monday it will All Be Over (zomg yaay!). So from now until Sunday I am going to be Very Busy, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

4) Recent media consumptions include:

(a) [ profile] colubra gave me City of Saints and Madmen as a housewarming gift. It involves both giant squid, our eternal cthonic foe, and mushrooms, my recent nemesis, and is thus far simply delightful.

(b) I've started reading the webcomic Girl Genius, and I quite like it. MOAR JAEGERS! :D :D :D [ profile] mephron, you may look forward to many months of pestering and discussion. [ profile] kleenestar, if you don't read this already, you might want to think about it.

(c) Soooo after not watching Heroes all last season, due to...contrariness, I watched the first episode last night with Blair. Spoilers behind cut because...I'm nice. )


Sep. 10th, 2007 09:32 am
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Helloooo my many lovelies. My but it has been a busy weekend. I took Friday off to go look at apartments. This is a good thing, since the epidemic of CEILING FALL DOWN has spread to the KITCHEN as well, and there's a nice hole there, too. Because heaven forbid we become so inured to the state of decay in the bathroom that our teeth do not grind whenever we walk into the apartment.

ANYWAY. The agent was nice, and it will all be worth it if we get the apartment that we applied for. It's about a five minute walk from the one we're in now, so we can keep the things about the neighborhood which we like (a good pub is a great comfort), while upgrading to a much pleasanter and significantly better-kept building. I should find out soon what the story is.

Saturday was devoted to running preludes for the Changeling game I've started. I have...never run a game before, so I'm keeping things fairly small while I sort this whole "roll initiative" business out. I'm proud to say that I pulled it off, though, and I was complimented by everyone, including [ profile] kleenestar and [ profile] maastrictian, which is sortof like painting Rembrant's portrait and having him tell you that he thinks it's really top-notch. Sunday I did Joe's prelude, and this is the guy who got me into roleplaying when I was but a wee Abby in highschool, so once again doing my best for him was crucial.

And so despite a feeling of being woefully underprepared, all went well. Hello there, self-confidence! I'm really enjoying laying the groundwork for the larger plot that I'm building, (AND OH SUCH PLOT DO I HAVE!) and I do love world- and character-building. I just need to get the game mechanics down and my sense of pacing together. We'll see how a group session works.

Arg, I want news on the apartment, arg!
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I am a lucky broad, recent rash of ranting aside, and it does me good to remember that.

1) I have a truly loving and supportive family, none of whom are emotionally manipulative, and all of whom trust me enough to give me the benefit of the doubt. Seriously you guys, you're awesome.

2) I have an unbelievably rich and varied group of friends that spans the globe. From childhood friends to college buddies to e-pals and to the second family I've been embraced into here in NY, I've never lacked for people to laugh and rant with, to share my ups and support me in my downs.

3) My kitten is puffy and huge. Oh, so puffy!

4) I have a job that pays the bills and does not involve asshattery of jaw-dropping proportions.

5) It's not rats.

6) I live in New York City, and it's still as awesome to think about now as it was four years ago. (Four years??! Dang.)

There are many more, but it's prime phone time, so that's the big ones covered. Love you guys!
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Or: The Ongoing Struggle of a Twentysomething Seeking a Reality to Substitute For Her Own.

I cannot help but notice that I've been getting successively further and further away from doing anything like what I went to school for, what I want to do, and what I am actually good at with each successive job, and that needs to stop, my friends. Grad school has been an idea that's been bouncing around for a few years now, but one that has yet to pan out for what is actually quite a good reason: poor planning and not knowing WHY I want to go, other than that I should.

So Friday night something clicked somewhere between my heart and my head and I figured it out. Where, how and when, are still hazy, but I've got a fairly clear path, small steps to achieve the longer journey made more clear by having that vital why formed.

Notes to self are behind cut. )

In other news, last week I got a call from the city that someone was going to come by to inspect the apartment (again), only this time it will be a thorough job in order to write up an estimate for some contractors from the city to come in and fix things.

What this means in the long run? Let's find out together, shall we?

I keep looking at my bank account and freaking out, and then reminding myself that I haven't poked my roommates for utility checks for two months. And, as this is summertime, those are some considerable checks.

Oh life. When are we gonna get it together, you and I? One wonders if taking out a bunch of loans that could otherwise be used to buy a small country (I hear Liechtenstein is actually quite nice in the spring) in order to go back to school would be considered grabbing the bull by the horns or running the heck away? Screw you hippies, I'm using the bull TO escape.


Aug. 5th, 2007 04:03 pm
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So. My apartment has been inspected, at least (though it would have been SUPER NICE if they'd called me first so we could move things around to show them better) and...we'll see what happens from there. At least it's progress.

Hmm. What else is new? My friend had surgery last week, and is now all full of holes. He's fine though, the whole thing seems to have been a success. I have reconfirmed that hospitals are creepy places that require a different mindset to be in. It's a strange, subdued sort of warzone; doctors and patients against illnesses, families against fear and despair, and everyone battling paperwork. I am very thankful that once the enemy was properly identified, this was a straightforward, successful campaign.
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At the website, WHICH IS DESIGNED BY THE UNSTOPPABLE [ profile] rscott, click on the eyeball at the bottom there and you will go to the Metahuman Database, where the quiz is. The results are email-only, and not totally instantaneous, but LOL so worth it! (You don't just get code, you get a letter from one of the characters!)

Well done, Rob. Well done.


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