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Things that have happened to me today:

1) I won free candy from the vending machine at the office. Apparently vending machines have the ability to decide I am a winner, and act accordingly. Awesome.

2) My father has acquired a camera phone, which he has used to send me a picture of his turkey. It looks bigger than the dog was. I've asked that for his next trick, he send me a picture of mom's face when she sees it. If there's one thing Mom was definitely missing from her quasi-neoclassical design story for their house, it was a stuffed tom turkey with a three foot diameter. The taxidermist freeze-dried the head, guys. My dad has got to be careful to keep his dead turkey head out of the rain, okay?

3) I discovered that a fellow I went to college with has been incarcerated on charges relating to child pornography. There's a picture of him on the state's registered sex offenders website. What the hell.
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So hi Internet. I'm going to rant now, about joblessness and being annoyed at my dad. But I'm going to include illustrative and appropriate icons, so hopefully it will be amusing.

You know it's gonna be a day when it wasn't even noon yet and already one icon was just not enough.

So my Mom calls this morning. )
I don't plan on moving home. I don't feel like I have to justify what I'm doing to him or to anyone, because it seems to me that it's pretty much self-evident. I can't change the fact that it costs vast amounts of money to go to school, to own a car, to eat for a year.
I have no doubts that if he is upset it is because he loves me, but in all honesty, if his conclusion is that I should give up these silly shenanigans and come home...well there are probably better ways to make that argument than getting mad at me for pursuing my future.

But under here we'll talk about nicer things. Including puppets! )

For now, you know what time it is.
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So. Night before last I spent in the bathroom vomiting and trying to deal with some really impressive pain in the lower right area of my back. (Some of you may already know where I'm going with this now.) At about 10, I decided that I really needed my stomach lining to stay where it was, got myself in a cab and went to Mount Sinai hospital to check myself in because kidney stones are no fun. About an hour after getting in there, I was hooked up to the first IV I've ever had (wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be), drinking from a bag, and starting to relax as the pain and anti-nausea meds kicked in. I owe [ profile] rscott and my rommate big time for coming down and keeping my bedraggled hide company.

I discovered an interesting side effect to IVs - you get REALLY COLD! My body sucked up the fluid solution like a sponge, but the solution was well below room temperature, so I ended up shivering for a good while under blankets and our jackets. I got a CAT scan, which was interesting, was told that yes it probably was kidney stones but that things had already worked their way through my system apparently, had three more IV bags of fluid, used the bathroom successfully for the first time in 12 hours, and shortly after that my Mom arrived (fastest train trip ever!) and I got discharged.

And that's what I did yesterday. The hospital took very good care of me, and once the pain medication kicked in, I was perfectly happy to hang out and be wheeled around as needed. I'm not really looking forward to the bills from all this - naturally my body waited until THREE DAYS AFTER my health insurance ran out to pull this little stunt - but we'll deal with that when it happens.
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So now that I've had some sleep and some time to chew on it, I've revisited my uncle's email and responded to it. I'm posting such here for those of you who are interested in this sort of thing. Otherwise, scroll on by. Here's the email from my uncle, which I've cleaned up for extraneous spaces but the text of which is untouched. It's behind this cut here. )

And here's my response, which uses some of the text from my diatribe but has been processed for familial consumption. It's behind this other cut here. )
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Not really a proper meme, but a few people on my flist have done this, and it was interesting and fun, so come along with me as I map the past.

I didn't spend all of my childhood in this townhouse, but I would call these my formative years. It was hot in the summer, cold in the winter, flowery in the spring and leafy in the fall, just as it was supposed to be. I ran all over a lot of it catching butterflies and bullfrogs and toads and turtles and garter snakes and bluegill and praying mantises and fat bumblebees and one time what I was sure was a baby lobster but ended up being a crayfish. One summer my mom brought home a big old tortoise she'd found on the side of the road and he lived in our back yard and ate lettuce. My greatest injury was when I tripped over the steps and the sidewalk one exuberant Halloween and didn't tell anyone I'd broken my wrist until after we'd trick-or-treated because dammit a kid's got to have priorities. My bff/cousin Jamie ran over me with a sled (by accident), beat me at Nintendo (on purpose), and made sure I didn't get into too much trouble. Every Christmas the whole clan gathered at Gramma's, but I also got to have lunches there year round and learned to sketch at her kitchen table with my feet kicking the rungs of my chair.

It was a fine way to grow up.

ETA: That's not actually "my cousin's place today" in the lower left corner. They're a leetle further East. And anyway he's all grown up and married and bought another house in a southern bit of that same development.


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Well another delightful Berkshires New Year is drawing to a close. Fun, food, friends and Castle Faulkenstein LARP has been had by all. Other highlights include sledding and building a sexy snowgeek, pictures to follow once I get some.

All in all, when I think back on the past two weekends, I couldn't be happier. I love you all.

Meme at Year's End )


Dec. 20th, 2007 12:31 pm
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Double Feature - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Check out this sweet T-shirt that my very good friend Rob made. That's his smokin' wife Amy in the picture there. Woo woo!

...So I should probably talk about myself too. Things are going along ok. I managed to fall and crush my knee pretty badly a few weeks ago, but nothing worth going to the hospital for. I'm still not very happy about having to go up and down stairs, but am otherwise fully ambulatory.

Thus far, the apartment has not caught on fire, even though some firetrucks visited the building and things looked alarming for a little while there, and the bathtub has clogged up, which we figured out the cause of and fixed. Fun times! I'm not sure how I went for four years with almost no major issues, and now all this. Oh, right. It all started about the time I became head of household in the various apartments. In any case, the place still looks great and I'm really happy to be living there.

Pop'll be rolling in around noon on Saturday and I have tickets to go see some holiday improv at the P.I.T. where I'll be taking classes. Right around the corner is Supermac, a macaroni 'n cheese themed restaurant so I anticipate a good night. ;)

I'll have Christmas in Maryland and take the train back on Tuesday (NO MORE FLYING) and then next weekend it's New Years at the House that Euclid Forgot in the Berkshire's which is going to be a blast and a half. WOO HOO HOLIDAYS!
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First: Friends, bibliophiles, lend us your vocabularies! Put your encyclopoedic minds to good use by donating rice for correctly defining words!

Well so far 26 is a fine age to be. Had a quiet, pleasant get together with friends where we watched anime and had birthdaysagna. It is important to note that while blowing out candles on a large pan of lasagna is a lot of fun, sticking candles into a hot dish and then lighting them is a very silly way to illustrate the old "burning at both ends" saw. ;P

I'm very excited about [ profile] kleenestar and [ profile] maastrictian's gift, improv classes at the studio where they've been learning! I have not done improv in any serious way since college, but I used to have a dang good time at it. This is long-form, or Harold Style improv, which we only attempted once or twice, so hopefully I'll be able to whip out a learning curve steep enough that I can be in the same class with them. Regardless, it's gonna be fun!

The 'rents are coming up again this weekend with another truckload, this time full of things like artwork and lamps and other bric-a-brac that have accrued over the years with no place to go. I HAVE PLACE NOW! THEY GO THERE! Which of course means that NEXT weekend we should have a sweet housewarming party. I'll keep you posted.
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I am a lucky broad, recent rash of ranting aside, and it does me good to remember that.

1) I have a truly loving and supportive family, none of whom are emotionally manipulative, and all of whom trust me enough to give me the benefit of the doubt. Seriously you guys, you're awesome.

2) I have an unbelievably rich and varied group of friends that spans the globe. From childhood friends to college buddies to e-pals and to the second family I've been embraced into here in NY, I've never lacked for people to laugh and rant with, to share my ups and support me in my downs.

3) My kitten is puffy and huge. Oh, so puffy!

4) I have a job that pays the bills and does not involve asshattery of jaw-dropping proportions.

5) It's not rats.

6) I live in New York City, and it's still as awesome to think about now as it was four years ago. (Four years??! Dang.)

There are many more, but it's prime phone time, so that's the big ones covered. Love you guys!
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Welllll I've had a Day.

So, let us begin with the good. The good is that I have tomorrow off, and this weekend I get to meet some wonderful ladies that I've known online for some time, for the first time in person. This is v. exciting and I'm looking forward to it keenly.

Now for the bad. Ben's room has bedbugs in it. This is not the end of the world but has shot me straight through horrified and into a sort of calm, understated rage. My beloved parents do not like it when I use such taboo words as fuck, so we shall curse in a civilized manner. Puss dripping son of a one-legged syphillitic whore. Yes, indeed.

On the other hand, now I bloody well HAVE to clean my room out, so perhaps I'll use this as an opportunity to get a new bed and get things rearranged the way I've wanted them to be for a little while now.

Back to the hand we started with, this may mean that I will need to spend my day off at home waiting for the exterminator to come give the room in question a look-see. I don't know yet.

And now, in a fit of utterly sublime timing: the adorable. Rather than a basket, my afore-mentioned parents have sent me the most delightful Easter gift. I received very carefully packaged and padded a small box labelled "Suedy's Koo-ki Sushi." At this point I am naturally grinning, and got to laughing when I opened it up.
It contains: )

Mom, Dad, thank you. And now I am going to go eat my lunch, which (also entirely coincidentally) is salmon teriyaki with actual sushi, read some comics left over from yesterday, and meditate on how all the little wonderful things in my life always seem to come together when things get tough.

I still don't know what I did in my past lives to get this one, but oh please let me be doing it again!
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Well, the 4th is going to be a bit of a weird day for me. )

In other news, I would like to publicly thank Thursday for making it so that I have air conditioning in my room! So comfortable... Eye loff ewe!


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