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Disney to Acquire Marvel Comics

I don't even know how to react to this. Other than to imagine that, somewhere, Warren Ellis has actually exploded.
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Batman: I don't need to tell you to go see it, because it should be absolutely clear to anyone who has enough mental capacity to read and comprehend words that this movie is going to be god-damned amazing.

Dark Knight indeed. I love where they're going with this.

On a completely unrelated note, I really just like the word "aether."

Your result for The Steampunk Archetype Test...

The Aetherist Bodger

The aether carries the information, the aether is information. You are one of the few who know the ins and outs of Aether Terminals. You can access information across the Aethersphere, tapping into the Aetherpipes of anyone you want and stealing the information stored in their datatanks. Some think of you as a myth, a legend created to scare people. You are no myth or legend, you are quite real and you are currently reading the Queen’s AetherMissives.

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Jan. 28th, 2008 11:28 am
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Man, I read a lot of webcomics. Granted, most of them are not a daily thing, and it takes me less than a minute to read them anyway. SO DON'T THINK I JUST SIT HERE AND WASTE TIME READING COMICS ALL DAY. ...That's what LJ is for. >_>

The Top Five )

Other Favorites )

Other Stuff I Read )
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As I apparently communicate events better in lists, a list!

1) New apartment is new! Old apartment is old. After some dissent, Mom has cleared up the What Color Are The Walls Really debate by dubbing them French Vanilla.

2) Free Ikea bus is free! ...and filled with everyone who lives in NYC evar. Dear Lord that store was a zoo. We didn't actually buy a thing at Ikea, but we came up with a Cunning Plan re: the things that will eventually be in my living room. With all-new furniture and all this lovely art that we've been stashing away at the ancestral home, including a black laquer folding screen, a bunch of woodblock prints, and a Miro, I am going to have some posh digs folks, so you must all come to my eventual housewarming party.

3) Court is stressful and boring at the same time. But things have been clarified, and I now know that I must pay all monies by Friday (aack!) and we must all be up and gone by Sunday (aack again!) but mostly that next Monday it will All Be Over (zomg yaay!). So from now until Sunday I am going to be Very Busy, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

4) Recent media consumptions include:

(a) [ profile] colubra gave me City of Saints and Madmen as a housewarming gift. It involves both giant squid, our eternal cthonic foe, and mushrooms, my recent nemesis, and is thus far simply delightful.

(b) I've started reading the webcomic Girl Genius, and I quite like it. MOAR JAEGERS! :D :D :D [ profile] mephron, you may look forward to many months of pestering and discussion. [ profile] kleenestar, if you don't read this already, you might want to think about it.

(c) Soooo after not watching Heroes all last season, due to...contrariness, I watched the first episode last night with Blair. Spoilers behind cut because...I'm nice. )


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