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So I'm sitting here listening to Pandora at work and suddenly, out of nowhere, "Deception" by "The Cruxshadows" from the album "Music from the Succubus Club: A Soundtrack for Vampire the Masquerade" starts playing.

What has my life become?
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But first, a meme:

What sort of character traits/types do you associate with me?
What sort of characters would you challenge me to play?

1) Ars Magica: The best ever, even if sessions keep getting cancelled. My early-Summer Bear Bjornaer now has a big crush on a late-Autumn Flambeau who's going to get himself KILLED trying to become Primus. Eeexcellent.
2) Mage: I took a big risk with my character recently and while I now have no idea what's going to happen from session to session, I'm really excited to have no idea what's going to happen from session to session. I have session tonight and I have no idea what's going to happen! YAY!
3) Nobilis: I would like moar. SUCH DARK TEMPTATION, allowing me to cameo, last session. (I am trying not to be annoying about this, and probably failing.)

1) Requiem: Trucking along, trucking along. My little Ordo Nos keeps getting cookies for being competent and extremely nosy.
2) Changeling: I'm going to get my Ogre through Spring and then probably bring in a new character. I like her, but she's just not doing anything.
3) Mage: They made me Hierarch, and then I got busy. Crap.
5) Masquerade: I am totally making a Lasombra Antitribu Elder, you guys. It's going to be EPIC.

1) Taxon: Lizardy-vampire is as pleased and outraged as ever, but atm I have no idea what is going on in the comm. THERE IS A HOUSE PARTY PLOT. THINGS ARE HAPPENING WHAT ARE THEY. One day I will finish Kurt's app. One day.
2) Anything other than Taxon: There isn't anything other than Taxon.

AND THAT'S IT. I guess I should go write something on my RL journal. Ever. Ahem.
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[12:46] Dain: she's like my press secretary!
[12:52] Abby: LOL
[12:52] Abby: Well if anyone could use a little soft PR, it's Mr. WORLD WAR Z over here.
[12:53] Abby: If someone gives Helen a goldfish I will giggle for at least an hour.

Dain plays Simon Cassio, Prince of New York (and complete terrifying badass), and I play Helen Cayhill, young and squishy Seneschal. (Some of you know this already. MANY DO NOT.)

Anyway, she enjoys the respect and responsibility during those moments when she's not pretty sure someone is going to kill her over them. Like when the Prince asks her to send letters of acceptance or decline to all the high muckety-mucks in the city who are claiming personal territory. "No, I'm sorry Carthian Primogen, you don't get to has Spanish Harlem unless you jump through this hoop!"

Yeah, that's uh, gonna need some serious polish. Though the thought of Cassio talking in lolspeak is...sublime.


Nov. 17th, 2008 10:00 am
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Weena Comes Out <---GUYS THIS ONE IS EPIC.

We ad-libbed the whole thing. >XD

(X-posted. For great victory.)

Oh I guess I could write some things about my life too. It has become EXCITING! I go on trips. I have been to Connecticut and to Pennsylvania, mostly by being a huuuuge mooch off other people who are driving. Someday I will get PAID and then I can be the overgenerous one again... but probably not for a few months. My bank account is more of a dream than a fact at this time. ;__; Thank goodness for the kindness of others.

But I am very glad about getting to travel around on little nerd vacations (which I will henceforth call nerdcations) because my characters are a blast to play, and its really nice to have a hobby that's as consistently rewarding bot creatively and socially as larping has been so far. A formal introduction to my characters: I have a big dumb ogre, [ profile] walked_far, with a skill specialty that gives her bonuses to beating people up with their own limbs, an exciteable Nosferatu ubernerd vampire, [ profile] teratologia who distributes anti-drug pamphlets, and a fussy little mage, [ profile] whats_best who is based on my little sister and is going to FIX THIS CITY darnit, and who is adorable. I can never TELL my sister about this, because she thinks I'm super-weird as it is (and I am, so full points for observation there) but it makes me happy in my heart. :3

I can't claim that the Camarilla is a flawless machine of drama-free funtimes, but it's still pretty darned cool, and I'm really liking the folks I've met so far.


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