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Two posts in one day? MADNESS.

However, the Lupercalia pics from this year are starting to trickle

I had a lovely evening. How lovely? Top hat and waistcoat lovely. )

And lest you fear that I was not also fancy... )

There are other pictures, but perhaps those will be for another post. ;)
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So the general theme of existence right now is that a boy is a lovely thing to have, and so is sleep. Ironically enough I sleep better with Sean in my life, but I've lost the ability to sleep the entired blessed day long on Saturday, so I'm not sure how things are evening out overall. He has a CAR, people! This means that we can go on amazing nerd vacations to nearby metropolii on weekends and thus I am slowly meeting everyone in the Cam. However, our tendency to travel to games that end at midnight on Saturday, with a certain redhaired liturgical rockstar who has work to do on Sunday mornings is starting to take more of a toll than the Jersey Turnpike. Oh yeah. Topical humor.

Now for cuts, to save your flists.

Some stuff about books. )

A work rant. )
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Okay, so yes. Boy.

His name is Sean, and here are some facts:

* I met him through the Cam (hint for non-nerds: roleplaying).
* He's a tall, pale, blue-eyed lad of Irish descent with long dark hair about which he is rather vain.
* He carries a card issued by the FDNY that permits him to handle ridiculously dangerous chemicals, which he does professionally. (Not FOR the fire department, you just need to be certified before they let you play with acids.)
* He pads his mad scientist salary by writing articles for Starcity Games. Magic: the Mana-tapping is still going strong, apparently.
* He is a connoisseur of tasty Italian dessert shops.
* He is reading Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, for which I forgive him.
* He took me to go see Spamalot before we were officially dating, so we'll see what shenanigans we get up to now that I'm allowed to call them dates.

So now you know! And knowing is half a superstar! G.I. Jem!
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I have acquired a boy. :3

He is verrah nais. >:3


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