Apr. 9th, 2008 06:32 pm
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Hello again, from my first official day being unemployed! I'm doing just fine - in fact much better than I have any right to be, for reasons I will reveal in a moment.

Yesterday was...complex. It was an incredibly busy day: we had six gentlemen come in for a meeting and they arrived just after I did - after calling to ask permission to come an hour early to meet and set up. I do very well as a receptionist, however, and got them all settled in with no problems. I wasn't sure until early afternoon whether or not I would be in tomorrow (today), but then my supervisor pulled me aside and gave me an envelope with a severance gift from the Grandboss, and mentioned that she had convinced him that it would be best to give it to me on my last day. Well then! This led to a dizzying few hours of cleaning and sorting, since even after coming in for a few hours on Saturday and working for over 12 hours on Monday, there was still more to be done to get everything in order for the temps who would help out in my stead. I was able to say my goodbyes and leave the office just after seven, still in shock that I would not return. It is a gorgeous building, a truly beautiful office, and I will miss it. (The building was used as the Oscorp Building in the Spider Man movies, and also in the Lipstick Mafia. And yes, that really is the office I just left, from the designer's website.)

The envelope contained, as I later discovered, a check for $5,000 from the Grandboss's own pocket. I am...still terribly in shock. Grandboss is wealthy enough to keep not one but two apartments in the luxury building at 500 Park, and yet this kind of generosity is very common for him. Such acts, and the quiet and polite way he treats everyone he meets, are in my experience what separates the truly wealthy from the simply rich. My old boss, who behaved like fat, spoiled toddler on the best of days and expected huge tips and fancy dinners to excuse him from common courtesy, was simply rich and his disgusting behavior is all the more evident for the example of my now sadly ex-Grandboss. He is the epitome of an English Gentleman, and it was truly and honor and pleasure knowing and working with him.

Then we had a good session of Ars Magica. Rob and Amy just got back from Edinburgh, and we had some really delicious Scottish beer (of a brand I now forget), and I got a very grumpy looking little bear in a tartan dress, which was just perfect for my character, who is a very grumpy little woman who turns into a bear, which usually tears her dresses but that's beside the point. They brought haggis back, which we were all far less enthused about, and no I did not have any. The smell was enough, thank you.

Today I slept until noon, had lunch with Rob and saw all the pictures of Edinburgh. Gorgeous! Back at home, I found that Blair had surprised me by hanging our new curtains in the kitchen, and I helped her with the ones in the living room, and also changed the ceiling light without falling and breaking my neck. (Note to self: ladder. Yes.) Would you like to see?

Come on over to my house! )

And now Gus and Blair and I are heading to pub for dinner. Life is kind, and I am so blessed. Now to take some classes, one way or another, and keep becoming who I am meant to be.


Dec. 20th, 2007 12:31 pm
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Double Feature - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Check out this sweet T-shirt that my very good friend Rob made. That's his smokin' wife Amy in the picture there. Woo woo!

...So I should probably talk about myself too. Things are going along ok. I managed to fall and crush my knee pretty badly a few weeks ago, but nothing worth going to the hospital for. I'm still not very happy about having to go up and down stairs, but am otherwise fully ambulatory.

Thus far, the apartment has not caught on fire, even though some firetrucks visited the building and things looked alarming for a little while there, and the bathtub has clogged up, which we figured out the cause of and fixed. Fun times! I'm not sure how I went for four years with almost no major issues, and now all this. Oh, right. It all started about the time I became head of household in the various apartments. In any case, the place still looks great and I'm really happy to be living there.

Pop'll be rolling in around noon on Saturday and I have tickets to go see some holiday improv at the P.I.T. where I'll be taking classes. Right around the corner is Supermac, a macaroni 'n cheese themed restaurant so I anticipate a good night. ;)

I'll have Christmas in Maryland and take the train back on Tuesday (NO MORE FLYING) and then next weekend it's New Years at the House that Euclid Forgot in the Berkshire's which is going to be a blast and a half. WOO HOO HOLIDAYS!
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First: Friends, bibliophiles, lend us your vocabularies! Put your encyclopoedic minds to good use by donating rice for correctly defining words!

Well so far 26 is a fine age to be. Had a quiet, pleasant get together with friends where we watched anime and had birthdaysagna. It is important to note that while blowing out candles on a large pan of lasagna is a lot of fun, sticking candles into a hot dish and then lighting them is a very silly way to illustrate the old "burning at both ends" saw. ;P

I'm very excited about [livejournal.com profile] kleenestar and [livejournal.com profile] maastrictian's gift, improv classes at the studio where they've been learning! I have not done improv in any serious way since college, but I used to have a dang good time at it. This is long-form, or Harold Style improv, which we only attempted once or twice, so hopefully I'll be able to whip out a learning curve steep enough that I can be in the same class with them. Regardless, it's gonna be fun!

The 'rents are coming up again this weekend with another truckload, this time full of things like artwork and lamps and other bric-a-brac that have accrued over the years with no place to go. I HAVE PLACE NOW! THEY GO THERE! Which of course means that NEXT weekend we should have a sweet housewarming party. I'll keep you posted.
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In the grand tradition of designating days to the observance of fuck-all, today is Cephalopod Awareness Day.

My contribution to the observance of this day is something that I actually think many of you will find useful: a shop on Etsy specializing in some sincerely awesome ties:

Other, non-molluscoid favorites include Key-Argyle and the Slytherinsidious Snakes On A Tie.

This weekend I finished assembling some furniture, aided in one particularly ornery case by a stack of National Geographic magazines and some strategically placed tape. Also, if you can use a powerdrill without at least feeling the urge to cackle like a mad scientist, your inner child needs some serious therapy. Said therapy might best take the form of grabbing the nearest power tool and letting out a laugh that could scare the fur off a cat.
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And what a day it has been! Well, not as exciting as Saturday and Sunday perhaps, but that's pretty much the best part about it. I went this morning and turned in the keys and the final payment and thus am DONE with ye olde mushroomarium. I definitely want to thank everyone who came out to lend a hand, though. You are all absolutely wonderful, and I don't know what we'd have done without you.

I'll get around to a bigger update soon. I'm still quite tired from everything, to the point that I'm abandoning sentences halfway through. For now, know that I love my new apartment, and that once we're done tidying and setting up, it's going to be gorgeous.
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As I apparently communicate events better in lists, a list!

1) New apartment is new! Old apartment is old. After some dissent, Mom has cleared up the What Color Are The Walls Really debate by dubbing them French Vanilla.

2) Free Ikea bus is free! ...and filled with everyone who lives in NYC evar. Dear Lord that store was a zoo. We didn't actually buy a thing at Ikea, but we came up with a Cunning Plan re: the things that will eventually be in my living room. With all-new furniture and all this lovely art that we've been stashing away at the ancestral home, including a black laquer folding screen, a bunch of woodblock prints, and a Miro, I am going to have some posh digs folks, so you must all come to my eventual housewarming party.

3) Court is stressful and boring at the same time. But things have been clarified, and I now know that I must pay all monies by Friday (aack!) and we must all be up and gone by Sunday (aack again!) but mostly that next Monday it will All Be Over (zomg yaay!). So from now until Sunday I am going to be Very Busy, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

4) Recent media consumptions include:

(a) [livejournal.com profile] colubra gave me City of Saints and Madmen as a housewarming gift. It involves both giant squid, our eternal cthonic foe, and mushrooms, my recent nemesis, and is thus far simply delightful.

(b) I've started reading the webcomic Girl Genius, and I quite like it. MOAR JAEGERS! :D :D :D [livejournal.com profile] mephron, you may look forward to many months of pestering and discussion. [livejournal.com profile] kleenestar, if you don't read this already, you might want to think about it.

(c) Soooo after not watching Heroes all last season, due to...contrariness, I watched the first episode last night with Blair. Spoilers behind cut because...I'm nice. )
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Long live Floorplanner!
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So yesterday morning, I make my way down to the Civil Court and register with the Housing Clerk in order to get a date for the hearing for this case with the landlord. I let said Clerk (who was a very nice man sitting next to a very silly trucker hat) know that I do indeed intend to make a counterclaim based on the well-documented and gross violations of tenant rights and Housing Code requirements present in said apartment. Then I go to work and it's tax return day and INSANITY BEGINS. Dang financial institutions and their goojillian holding companies that all need to register.

Anyway, here's where it gets interesting. At around three o'clock I got a call from the landlord. This was a different fellow than the one I had (not) been dealing with before, who expressed shock and dismay at the situation, claiming that they didn't know that things were so bad. Then it became clear that he was sitting with the city inspector's report from a month ago in front of him, since he knew all about the damages without my needing to tell him...so that's some impressive doublethink there, Mr. Gee It's News To Us, sir. Regardless, we worked out a deal where they'll waive half the fees (so we effectively only owe two months' rent), we can leave this month with no fees, and they'll mail me the security deposit once we're gone. Ho ho, gentlemen. I should have this arrangement in writing soon.

I would have told you all this sooner, but naturally Blair and I celebrated this happy turn of events, and after a long day and a few glasses of wine, sleep was inevitable.

SO. I am thinking maybe there will be moving this weekend. Which means I shall spend the rest of the week putting things in boxes and bags! EXCITING! Blair's taken pictures and I keep pestering her to email them to me, which hopefully she will do when she gets home today. My plan is to get home and then go over and measure stuff, as I know Mom is on a mission and we have to have dimensions and begin formulating floorplans. The main doors are neat 'cause there's an electronic key thinger, and I am entertaining mad dreams of a hanging garden on the fire escape. This will not happen, but what MIGHT happen is the creation of a clever interior shutter contraption, as there are currently no blinds for the windows. >__>

People in NY: does anyone have a trolley or other rolling-device for putting stuff on? It's a bit of a walk through the courtyard, and such a thing would be v. helpful. Also, you know you all want to come help haul stuff. :D?


Sep. 14th, 2007 11:39 pm
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Friend of mine found a picture of the FUNNIEST jack-o-lantern, and I just had to. Fall fall it is, the weather is cooling and the sun is setting earlier. I've always had this thing where I'll be walking along and at some point, as I pass it, a streetlamp will turn off or short out or something as I go by. It's not a conscious decision to make this happen, but it's something that I've noticed happening since highschool. Guess it goes with the whole "unable to wear a watch" thing.

I have perfected the art of killing flies with lysol spray kitchen cleaner. I've set it to make a nice long beam of liquid and I have pinpoint accuracy. I'm sure they don't like the lysol, but I'm pretty sure that it simply makes them too wet to fly away for a moment, but whatever works. I killed 9 last night and two this morning, and with the state of the ceiling, there's only about 9,000 more to go. B| It has the added benefit of cleaning as well as killing, though! SNIPERS FOR HYGIENE.

Today we are gonna see about getting the keys to the new homestead, and I will take pictures. :D

ETA: Well we can't get the keys until Monday. :(
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First, official meme yoink!

How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you knew you *should* know? How many times have you felt guilty asking an LJ friend a question that should be obvious? Well, here's your chance. If you've missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask me anything. Even something extremely basic, like where I live! - Though I reserve the right not to answer anything that may give stalkers information they need not have or my home address. I'm not allowed to get even slightly irritated at any of the questions - we've all missed things before.

And now, on to life as I know it:

TODAY I SIGNED THE NEW LEASE! Yaaay. We got two years at $1300, and WHAT a steal! We just need to get the keys from the super and we can get our move on. Need to give the realtors another $750 on Monday, but for now, I'm just gonna be happy.

Also got that mail from the post office, and lo it was indeed the civil court papers. I called them and can go in on Monday before work to register my receiving-ness thereof, and get a date set for the first meeting with the judge. I want to give my sincere thanks to everyone who's given me advice, encouragement and support, as approaching this with calm and confidence is key.
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So. Nice little slip in my mailbox last night informing me that "papers have been sent" and "filed in court" and that said papers are "asking this court to evict you from your residence" and that if I haven't seen these papers yet I should totally go get them.1 And some stuff. I assume that it is the landlord that is making this request and not the actual papers, as papers are not self-aware and cannot themselves ask anything of anyone.

Which explains what that OTHER slip from two days ago about mail I need to pick up from the post office is about. Because of COURSE I am not there to sign for certified mail during business ours you tits, I have a job.2

So of course I knew that this would be coming, but of course there was also that part of me that really REALLY hoped that the four months of noncontact would continue, and we could all walk away from this without any mess. Oh silly me.

I've gotten the contact info of a good tenant lawyer from a friend and have sent him an email.

It's just...we've had no eviction notices posted. Nothing. No calls, just this court thing out of the blue. Most people I talk to who have had a situation anything like this got notices on their door but no court order of any kind. It doesn't add up. Maybe he's trying to scare or bully me, but if so, why actually take me to court? I mean...unless there's an eviction notice in the mail (I have some waiting at the post office, I must remember), according to the State Attourney General, the judge can dismiss the case based on improper service. I mean, he's CLEARLY in violation of the Warranty of Habitability and Duty to Repair as stated in the NYC Tenant's Bill of Rights.

I just... what is this man doing?

1. Please note that this does NOT mean that I have been evicted. Just that the process has been begun. Why he's doing this in September when the lease is up in November anyway, I'm not really sure. And FOUR MONTHS after we stopped paying. I mean...honestly. Arg.

2. Which also explains why I have not picked up said mail.
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Gooood morning! Well now that I’m recovered from an unwise level of celebrating last night *pause to drink more water* let me give you the full scoop.

First, a useful map! Note the lovely courtyard, which looks like this as you walk up to it (only a bit nicer right now with flowers and leaves). The images on the realtor’s site are actually of a similar apartment, so you’ll have to wait until we get in there for proper pictures. For a taste however, the rooms look something like this, and we have a bigger kitchen than the one shown here. There are two bedrooms and a living room of about equal size, a foyer area with three (3) large closets, and a nice big kitchen with a new stove and refrigerator. Hardwood floors throughout, and the walls are a pleasant buttery cream color rather than ye olde industrial white. (I’m also hoping they’re easier to hang things on, ‘cause dang the place I’m in now is unforgiving.)

The drawbacks of the place are thus: it’s on the fourth floor of a walkup, there are no closets in the rooms themselves, and the bathroom is teensy. After going to [livejournal.com profile] kleenestar and [livejournal.com profile] maastrictian’s old place with the MILLION STAIRS, three flights ain’t no thang, plus it gives us a nice view over the rooftops of the surrounding buildings. Plus I need the exercize. As for the closets, Blair’s room already doesn’t have one so she’s prepared anyway, and there are plenty of furniture options to solve that problem. The bathroom is actually rather delightful: you walk in and think to yourself “my, that’s a very small bathtub- oh, it goes back!” For indeed, the tub is set in a little nook, which I would like to put shelves in with candles on to create a calming and meditative space.

Now, in theory, we could start moving in on Monday. We haven’t actually signed anything yet, and logistically we’re just not ready for so speedy a shift, so that’s not really going to happen. We'll probably aim for next weekend, but I'll keep y'all posted. Honestly, the move itself isn’t my biggest worry at this point. The next big hurdle is going to be cutting ties with the old landlord…


Sep. 10th, 2007 09:32 am
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Helloooo my many lovelies. My but it has been a busy weekend. I took Friday off to go look at apartments. This is a good thing, since the epidemic of CEILING FALL DOWN has spread to the KITCHEN as well, and there's a nice hole there, too. Because heaven forbid we become so inured to the state of decay in the bathroom that our teeth do not grind whenever we walk into the apartment.

ANYWAY. The agent was nice, and it will all be worth it if we get the apartment that we applied for. It's about a five minute walk from the one we're in now, so we can keep the things about the neighborhood which we like (a good pub is a great comfort), while upgrading to a much pleasanter and significantly better-kept building. I should find out soon what the story is.

Saturday was devoted to running preludes for the Changeling game I've started. I have...never run a game before, so I'm keeping things fairly small while I sort this whole "roll initiative" business out. I'm proud to say that I pulled it off, though, and I was complimented by everyone, including [livejournal.com profile] kleenestar and [livejournal.com profile] maastrictian, which is sortof like painting Rembrant's portrait and having him tell you that he thinks it's really top-notch. Sunday I did Joe's prelude, and this is the guy who got me into roleplaying when I was but a wee Abby in highschool, so once again doing my best for him was crucial.

And so despite a feeling of being woefully underprepared, all went well. Hello there, self-confidence! I'm really enjoying laying the groundwork for the larger plot that I'm building, (AND OH SUCH PLOT DO I HAVE!) and I do love world- and character-building. I just need to get the game mechanics down and my sense of pacing together. We'll see how a group session works.

Arg, I want news on the apartment, arg!


Aug. 28th, 2007 03:12 am
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General updates include:
- Actively looking for apartments now, because Joe's got the keys to his new place. Woo hoo!
- Gonna run a Changeling: the Lost game. Yes RUN it. WOO!

And now the bit I know you've all been waiting for, THE CONTINUING DELIGHT OF MY BATHROOM, here with a technically advanced sequential presentation! :O Come, friends, let us observe the decay.

That little "nosegay" of mushrooms? Well they mostly kinda dried up and died...and then they didn't.

The devolution of a ceiling.

NEW GROWTH. WE HAVE NEW GROWTH! ...Aww, they're kinda cute, actually.

(Note the empty wall in the second and third pictures, indicating me yanking our stuff the heck out of there.)

And here's what I look like at this point! (Note, the Abby in that picture is taller than she appears. The mirror is all tilty.)

Oh deary me...
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Ahahaha, oh my friends. My friends, there are no words. I can only show you this delight to which I returned home this evening.

First I noticed this:

"What is it?" I wondered, as, no doubt, do you. "Is it a nut? Is it a big fat beetle butt? What can it be?"


Oh YES, my friends. Those are EXACTLY what they look like, growing, completely of their own volition, OUT OF MY THRICE-BLESSED WALL.

I laugh. I laugh for two reasons. First, mushrooms are cute and I like them. Two, THERE IS NO WAY. NO WAY AT ALL. THAT THE LANDLORD CAN CONCEIVABLY WORM HIS WAY OUT OF THIS. I have mushrooms growing out of my wall.

That first mushroom?
It grew in the two hours it took us to pub.
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Or: The Ongoing Struggle of a Twentysomething Seeking a Reality to Substitute For Her Own.

I cannot help but notice that I've been getting successively further and further away from doing anything like what I went to school for, what I want to do, and what I am actually good at with each successive job, and that needs to stop, my friends. Grad school has been an idea that's been bouncing around for a few years now, but one that has yet to pan out for what is actually quite a good reason: poor planning and not knowing WHY I want to go, other than that I should.

So Friday night something clicked somewhere between my heart and my head and I figured it out. Where, how and when, are still hazy, but I've got a fairly clear path, small steps to achieve the longer journey made more clear by having that vital why formed.

Notes to self are behind cut. )

In other news, last week I got a call from the city that someone was going to come by to inspect the apartment (again), only this time it will be a thorough job in order to write up an estimate for some contractors from the city to come in and fix things.

What this means in the long run? Let's find out together, shall we?

I keep looking at my bank account and freaking out, and then reminding myself that I haven't poked my roommates for utility checks for two months. And, as this is summertime, those are some considerable checks.

Oh life. When are we gonna get it together, you and I? One wonders if taking out a bunch of loans that could otherwise be used to buy a small country (I hear Liechtenstein is actually quite nice in the spring) in order to go back to school would be considered grabbing the bull by the horns or running the heck away? Screw you hippies, I'm using the bull TO escape.


Aug. 5th, 2007 04:03 pm
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So. My apartment has been inspected, at least (though it would have been SUPER NICE if they'd called me first so we could move things around to show them better) and...we'll see what happens from there. At least it's progress.

Hmm. What else is new? My friend had surgery last week, and is now all full of holes. He's fine though, the whole thing seems to have been a success. I have reconfirmed that hospitals are creepy places that require a different mindset to be in. It's a strange, subdued sort of warzone; doctors and patients against illnesses, families against fear and despair, and everyone battling paperwork. I am very thankful that once the enemy was properly identified, this was a straightforward, successful campaign.
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Well, it's far too long coming but at about noon I left a message with my landlord with an ultimatum: Call me back by the end of the day or I'm filing a complaint with the city. Yes, friends, that issue I mentioned A MONTH AGO? Absolutely nothing has been done for us. It's 3:30. You have two and a half hours, you bastard. >:|

Between that, Tacita, and people who like to use twice the volume of packing peanuts to ship an item, I am not in the best mood. HOWEVER, I am going to see Order of the Phoenix at midnight with Blair, so that's one heck of a light at the end of the tunnel.

Dana, Thursday, I hope wherever you are you get to see it and have a good time. This is my subtle hint. Behold its glory.

And now, one memeydingey! )
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Quick update: Life good, weather gorgeous. I've taken to walking from Columbus Circle to work, rather than going down and taking the E. Because the E at rush hour requires a quality of zen-like calm that I am fully capable of, but which no one (sane or otherwise) would seek out if there was a better option.

Purpose of post: Last time I posted about the apartment, it was bugs. Happily, those are all gone, praise your diety of choice. THIS time I'm posting about a problem that has been ongoing since moving into the place - the pipes in the bathroom.

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head... )

So yes. This will be a fun telephone conversation.
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Welllll I've had a Day.

So, let us begin with the good. The good is that I have tomorrow off, and this weekend I get to meet some wonderful ladies that I've known online for some time, for the first time in person. This is v. exciting and I'm looking forward to it keenly.

Now for the bad. Ben's room has bedbugs in it. This is not the end of the world but has shot me straight through horrified and into a sort of calm, understated rage. My beloved parents do not like it when I use such taboo words as fuck, so we shall curse in a civilized manner. Puss dripping son of a one-legged syphillitic whore. Yes, indeed.

On the other hand, now I bloody well HAVE to clean my room out, so perhaps I'll use this as an opportunity to get a new bed and get things rearranged the way I've wanted them to be for a little while now.

Back to the hand we started with, this may mean that I will need to spend my day off at home waiting for the exterminator to come give the room in question a look-see. I don't know yet.

And now, in a fit of utterly sublime timing: the adorable. Rather than a basket, my afore-mentioned parents have sent me the most delightful Easter gift. I received very carefully packaged and padded a small box labelled "Suedy's Koo-ki Sushi." At this point I am naturally grinning, and got to laughing when I opened it up.
It contains: )

Mom, Dad, thank you. And now I am going to go eat my lunch, which (also entirely coincidentally) is salmon teriyaki with actual sushi, read some comics left over from yesterday, and meditate on how all the little wonderful things in my life always seem to come together when things get tough.

I still don't know what I did in my past lives to get this one, but oh please let me be doing it again!


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